Hong Kong Eating Tips

There are great choices of foods available in Hong Kong.  Want to find out what and where to eat?  I’ve put up this article for my readers needs.  Also include tips to pay less while eating great foods.

What and Where to Eat

Dim Sum
A must-go Cantonese style eating experience in Hong Kong.  The locals call it ‘yum cha’ (tea drinking).  Have your choice of Chinese tea along with the great variety of dim sums.  Share this local Cantonese lifestyle and enjoy at least one dim sum lunch while you visit Hong Kong.  Dim sums are served for breakfast and lunch only.  Dim sum restaurants are generally everywhere.  But I don’t suggest eating dim sum within hotel restaurants as you’ll lack the local Cantonese feel.  The Maxim Group runs many chain Chinese restaurants and I like the Maxim’s Palace at City Hall and Jade Garden as well.

Live Seafood
Hong Kong is an island. Therefore live seafood becomes a unique dining experience here. Again you need to do this at least once if you visit Hong Kong. A ‘swimming fish’ is a must. Lobsters, crabs, prawns, oysters…are up to you. In terms of fish type, grouper is the most popular. But different types of grouper may have a wide price range. Prices are seasonal depending on availability. There are several places in Hong Kong dedicated to live seafood. However in terms of eating environment, I like Sai Kung and Lamma Island most. Click to view my seafood dinner photos and restaurant details in this blog.

Peking Duck
If you visit Beijing, you will be told to eat Peking Duck. But I want to let you know that the Peking Ducks in Hong Kong are equally good or even better than those you can eat in Beijing. Good chefs migrate here and we have good quality ducks available and world class customer services. To ensure best of the best, please go only to restaurants specialized in Peking food. Peking Garden run by the Maxim Group is one the most famous restaurants in Hong Kong servicing super quality Peking Ducks. Click to view my Peking Duck photos and restaurant details in this blog. 

Hot Pot
Hot Pot is another important Chinese culinary culture. If you like spicy hot pot, go to Tanyoto. This restaurant offers 100% authentic Chengdu taste from SiChuan China. If you want to try local Hong Kong Cantonese hot pot, The Little Fat Cow is a specialized beef hot pot restaurant. You will eat along with the locals with environment a little crowded. However it is a good value of money in terms of food quality. My tip is NEVER go to hot pot shops that offers “one price - eat all you can”. These places usually don’t offer good food though cheap. Click the above links to view my hot pot photos and restaurant details in this blog.

How to Pay Less
Early or Late
If you can manage your time well, you can eat good food and pay less. In Hong Kong, most restaurants offer discounts beyond peak hours. Dim sum restaurants charge much lower price during breakfast and tea time. Depending on individual restaurant, breakfast session may finish by 11.30am or noon. Tea time special will start as early as 2pm while some may start by 2.30 or 3. Late night special may be available. Some restaurants offer discounts if you arrive by 9pm or after. As for buffet, some restaurants offer early departure discount (on weekdays only) such as settling the bill before 12.30 or 1pm. That way they will secure more tables available for the peak hour. Check the rules when making a reservation.

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