Monday, November 1, 2010

Peking Duck in Hong Kong

I don't usually eat lunch. And I don't usually eat heavy lunch. But today I've broke all my rules. My boss took me out for a farewell lunch with an overseas colleague.

I need to fast for 40 hours after this lunch. Anyway, let me talk about the Peking Duck we had. Peking Garden, the one we went at Alexandra House has been highly rated by visitors. And they are one of top producers of Peking Ducks in Hong Kong.

The duck was included in our set menu, but I noticed the price is HK$380 (US$48.7) if you place a standalone order.

Look, the presentation was not bad at all. Cucumber, sauce and bread were all laid out nicely. They even brought the duck to the table for our photo taking before cutting it.

You may wonder what that is. Well, espresso. A Chinese restaurant serving espresso? That's correct. I have visited this restaurant many times but never know about it. I was a bit shocked when the waiter offered the service. Probably they only offer this to expacts and not locals.

Their menu is very comprehensive if you want to go a la carte. However if you want to save time and effort (of course not saving money), there are set menus available.
Here's the set menu we had for today.
  1. Braised spare ribs with black vinegar sauce
  2. Sea blubber
  3. Sauteed prawns and scallops with cashewnut in hot garlic sauce
  4. Braised shark's fin soup with crab meat
  5. BBQ Peking Duck
  6. Pan fried sliced fish
  7. Sauteed seasonal vegetable
  8. Fresh fruit platter

    1. Peking Garden
      Shop B1, First Basement Floor, Alexandra House, Central, Hong Kong
      Restaurant telephone: 852-2526-6456
      Hong Kong Food Blog - Peking Duck


      Hälsporren said...

      Hello Anna. Thank you for a wonderful blog about Hongkong's food. We're planning to go there next year, so I will be following your blog closely in order to get all the good information and tips you give. I really do look forward to taste all the yummie food Hong Kong has to offer.

      dermutanderer said...

      That looks great, I love Peking Duck! The best, witch I ate ever was in Lei Garden Shop No. 3007 to 3011, 3/F., International Finance Centre, Hong Kong. The restaurant was recommended by a German chef. Tim Raue is specialized in chinese kitchen, he is the former chef of the Hotel Adlon Restaurant "MA" and UMA". And his wife loves the peking Duck at Lei garden. Next time in Hong Kong I'll try your recommendation Peking Garden.
      Greetings from Munich, Bavaria

      Kin said...

      Actually looks pretty good!