Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chinese New Year Eve Hot Pot Dinner 2008

Dinner date: February 6, 2008
Occasion: Chinese New Year Eve Dinner

Number of People: Two
Cost: HK$590 (US$75.6), inclusive of 10% service charge
Restaurant name: Tanyoto Restaurant Hong Kong Branch
Restaurant address: 129-135 Johonston Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Restaurant telephone: 852-2893-9268
Anna's comment: Hong Kong has been continuously freezing. We’ve decided to go for an authentic Sichuan spicy hot pot dinner on our new year eve, but had to book a week in advance. Nothing is better than a spicy hot pot dinner to keep warm. As the name of this Sichuan restaurant denotes – Tanyoto (Tam’s Fish Head) - we ordered the signature dish of fish head which was extremely smooth and yummy. Our five-course hot pot dinner menu included:
* Fish Head
* Sliced Fish Fillet
* Giant American Oyster
* Sliced Beef
* Vegetable

Soup Base - Dual Style - Fish Soup/Spicy Soup 鴛鴦湯底 魚湯,麻辣湯
Tomato soup is also very popular 蕃茄湯都好多人要
Signature Dish - Fish Head 譚魚頭,是這裏的招牌菜

Sliced Fish Fillet 龍躉魚片

Giant Oyster 美國桶豪

Sliced Beef 手切肥牛

Vegetable 皇帝菜
波菜未有拍照 Seasoning Bowl 味碗,每位10元
Soup base is added to the bowl

熱騰騰的火煱,保暖最好! 不過要成個禮拜前訂枱
Video - Boiling soup - best to keep warm
Hong Kong has been between 8°C and 10°C in the past two weeks.
We are struggling to keep warm, hot pot is one of the best way.

Hong Kong Chinese New Year 2008

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