Sunday, February 7, 2016

Chinese New Year Foods 2016

Today is Chinese New Year Eve - Year of the Monkey is approaching in minutes. I have collected some photos of the foods that Hong Kong Chinese usually eat, especially Cantonese.

There are some foods that we eat during Chinese New Year.  I've grouped them into three categories.  

New Year Eve - jiaozi and dumplings.
New Year Dim Sums
2nd Day of New Year - vegetables.  In Cantonese, vegetables sounds like '開齊' which means 'a good start'.  So lunch of the second day of New Year generally has a dish of assorted veggies.  Chickens and fishes are highly popular among Chinese families during New Year.  

Enjoy this Chinese New Year Food video!

Happy New Year of the Monkey - 2016!

Hong Kong Food Blog - Chinese New Year Foods

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