Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hot Pot Specialty Restaurants in Hong Kong

Restaurant name: Little Fat Cow小肥牛火鍋活魚專門店
Restaurant address: 141 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Restaurant telephone: 852- 25290660

Cost: HK$280 (US$35.8), all inclusive for two people

In Hong Kong, some hot pot restaurants have specialties. Little Fat Sheep is famous for lamp hot pot; Little Fat Cow is famous for beef hot pot; Tanyoto (Tam's Fish Head) is famous for giant fish head. If you want to enjoy a delightful hot pot meal, better go to specialty shops where their table settings and ventilation systems are all set.

There are other hot pot restaurants charging a fix price and you can eat all you can. Of course, you would have to comprise on food quality, service and everything.

The other day I went to Little Fat Cow. Their special offer was only HK$10. We ordered the best deals on the menu - local beef (HK$28) and beef in Huadiao wine (HK$18). You can also order beef from overseas like Canada, USA, Australia or Japan which costs up to HK$88 per dish.

Neck Beef - Special Offer HK$10 (US$1.3) 牛頸脊
Beef in Huadiao Wine - HK$18 (US$2.3) 花雕肥牛

Local Beef - HK$28 (US$3.6) 本地肥牛
We can turn this big lump of prawn's meat into
small balls to cook in the hot pot
Prawn's Meat - HK$55 (US$7) 蝦膠
For the soup base, I always go for vanilla,
although there were other choices.
Even so, I have tofu and some vegetable
as accessories in the soup base.

Cooking in the Hot Pot
Little Fat Cow has seven branches in Hong Kong.
Opens daily between 6pm and 3am (Wanchai shop).
Advance booking is advised.

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Lea said...

Pics looks so yummy! Wish to visit that kind of restaurant here in our place.

yanilea said...

Can't help but salivate, beef in different types.

Dave Cade said...

Have you tried Little Sheep restaurants? I just returned from three weeks in Shenzhen. The Little Sheep hot pots were wonderful.

Mun said...

This is making me very hungry. Hong Kong is really a "food heaven!" Look forward to see more!

Anna said...

Hi Dave
I haven't tried the Little Sheep yet. Have you? Don't know why, I always prefer beef to lamb.

Picnic Ideas said...

Hi :-)
Lovely blog.
The pics are great and the and i always wanted to visit Hong Kong.
The Food in your blog gives me one more reason.
Thanks for the lovely blog.

Indonesian Potency said...

delicious food

Jacktels Kochbuch said...

The beef looks sensational.
Thus, a Marbling.Super


Anonymous said...

Yum!! They look so good

Anonymous said...

how delicious!



Wendy said...

I'm excited to discover your blog! Looking forward to more. All my family is from Hong Kong and even though I've really only visited a few times, I consider myself HK people. :)