Sunday, October 2, 2016

Special Price Dinner Set

We earned some interest recently, so my sister and I decided to go for a little celebration. The restaurant nearby our houses offers special price dinner every now and then.  But we have to go on weekdays.  Take our dinner for example, weekend price is HK$495 per person, but if we go on weekdays, it's only HK$295 per person.  Almost half the price, quite a good deal.

In fact I quite like this kind of western style Chinese dinner set.  There are six courses, plus dessert. If we had to order a la carte, it will come in regular size and we won't be able to eat that many different kind of foods.  With the dinner set, every dish come in one-person portion, with seafood being the major theme.

Starter:  Sea Cucumber and Roasted Pork

Stewed 4-Head Abalone
In Hong Kong, the size and cost of abalone is generally categorized by the number of heads.  Meaning how many abalones there are in one catty.  4-Head means there are 4 in a catty.  Likewise, 5-Head will mean 5 in a catty.  So the larger the number, the smaller the abalone is.  Got it?  

Shark Soup
This is generally an expensive item.  I don't know how they can make profit out of selling at such a low price.  Anyway it was good and delicious.  

Garoupa Steak

Baked Oyster (Add on item)
We picked this from the a la carte menu.  As we both love oysters and this was allowed to be ordered minimum 2 only.  We were sure that we can take an extra oyster on top of the dinner set.  Indeed, the oyster was nice and fresh.  Good pick!

Tomato and Veggie Soup

Dao Ting Wu Dong
I don't know what Do Ting means. But it usually refers to good quality wu dong. In fact after the veggie and pasta, we were completely full.  To wrap up the meal, we had a bowl of almond tea with bird's nest and egg white.  

Dessert: Bird's Nest Almond Tea with Egg White 
(the entire thing was completely white, hence didn't take a photo)

Special Seafood Dinner Set
HK$295 per person
Oyster HK$48@ (minimum 2)
plus tea and 10% service charge
Final bill: HK$400 per person

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