Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Seafood Buffet

My Easter Seafood Buffet is free.  In fact I haven't had buffet for sometime, due to my eating problem.  However I won some free coupon by luck draw, so I have this free buffet dinner.

Coupons usually have blackout dates, but I was lucky that hotel allowed me to book on Good Friday. The seafood buffet dinner is only served on Fri, Sat and Sun.  At the Garden Cafe of Conrad Hotel Hong Kong, the place is really nice.

There were I think at least four types of mini lobsters together with some crab claws.  Very fresh, but need to eat with hands and fingers.  But our table was pre-set with tongs, scissors and moist towel, everything we need to deal with the prawns and crabs.

Prawns and clams, but where are my beloved oysters?

Sashimi - well I'd love to have more choices.  So as the sushi rolls.

After all, these are my seafood collections.

It seems all the seafood were cold cuts.  Hot dishes were limited to pan fried Barramundi and a steamed Mandarin fish.  The stir fired mini lobsters were nightmare - the meat was somehow decayed! I wasn't able to find some hot vegetables, so I went on making my own Caesar salad.  Not bad at all, at least having some balance of diet.

The cold cut dishes are not bad at all, but I rather prefer more hot items.

There was an outdoor BBQ counter, serving sausages, chicken wings, lamb racks and some spare ribs.  May be this was the best hot items I could find.  I love sausages, so I had a big one.

On Easter holiday, I was expecting the restaurant to be full of people, but it turned the other way.  May be many people went overseas for their holidays.  As there were not many guests, we could get food and eat very relaxingly and of course with very intensive customer services. 

Finally, I manage to find out the cost of the buffet - HKD558 per person on regular days, HKD638 on holidays.  That means the one I had was HKD638 per person and 10% service charge.  I'm happy with everything, except I would want more choices of seafood, especially oysters as well as some more hot dishes.

Easter Seafood Buffet Dinner
Garden Cafe, Conrad Hong Kong

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