Saturday, November 23, 2013

Slightly Luxury Dim Sum

I earn a little interest from my investment recently, so I decided to go for a slightly luxury dim sum lunch.  Dim sum restaurants usually have some snacks on their menu which is slightly heavier than dim sum.  They are mostly Cantonese delicacies relatively more expensive than normal dim sum.  So we decided to pick a few of our favourites from the snack menu.
These one-inch cubes are really delicious.  The skin is crispy with tender juicy meat made from dedicated part of pork belly.  One of the crown jewels of Cantonese BBQ.  They are sometimes 5-layers.  But the one we have is only 3-layer, being best of the best part of the pork belly.
3-Layers BBQ Pork Belly 冰燒三層肉 (HK$58)
Sea Jelly with Duck Tongues 海哲鴨舌 (HK$56)
This is another Cantonese delicacy.  Each duck has only one tongue.  Therefore duck tongue dishes are generally expensive.  With a little of sesame oil, Cantonese usually eat this as a starter.

Steamed Rice Roll with BBQ Pork 义燒腸粉 (HK$29)

Soup Dumpling with Scallop and Fish Maw 花膠瑤柱灌湯餃 (HK$36)
The fist-size dumpling is served in soup.  The seafood stuffing inside is kind of juicy and moist mainly dry scallope and fish maw. 

Almond Soup with Egg White 蛋白杏仁茶 (HK$24)
Almond Soup with Egg White is the signature dessert of this restaurant.  I really love it and have it every time.  The silky smooth lumps of egg white are served in very fragrant almond soup.  Perfect combination!
Flamed Stew Eggs with Fresh Fruit 火焰鮮果燉蛋 (HK$28)
I notice something new on the dessert menu which is really interesting.  The pudding or tart, I don't know how exactly to describe it.  It is stewed egg with some cream on top, served with some alcohol.  The waiter light the alcohol creating some low heat flame and pour it over the cream, hence the top bits were burned and with wine fragrance.  Served with slices of mango which is also my favourite.  And there are also some mango slices inside.  Wonderful!
Flamed Stew Eggs with Fresh Fruit 火焰鮮果燉蛋

Total:  HK$315 for two persons, inclusive of tea and 10% service charge
Sportful Garden Restaurant
Hong Kong Food Blog

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