Saturday, October 5, 2013

Healthy Seafood Dinner

My friend won some money from Macau over the National Day holiday. Hence I had this treat.  He said the baked oysters in this restaurant is unbeatablly yummy.  We called up the restaurant to make sure the oysters are available before we confirmed a booking.

This is a particular type of giant oyster from the USA.  It's called 桶蠔, not sure if I can call it Oysters in Barrels in English.  The restaurant offers two ways of cooking - bake with ginger and green onion or deep fried.  My friend said baking is the best, so we go for it. 

Baked US Oysters with Ginger and Green Onion
HK$168 (US$21.5)
I can't remember how many oysters were there, could be around 8.  Well, $168 for 8 giant oysters unforgetably delicious.  It's really a great deal!

Foods usually shrink after cooking, but this barrel oysters were still very giant after cooking. See it's even larger than the size of a table spoon.  I must say whoever loves oyster and wants to eat them in the best Hong Kong Cantonese way, must come here.
Steam Clams with Jelly Noodle and Garlic
HK$58@ (US$7.4@)
Very fresh!  The best Cantonese way of cooking seafood is by steaming.  And the best way to steam clams is with jelly noodle and garlic.  These ingredients are very inexpensive however perfect companion to the clams.  The soy sauce brings up and links up the flavours.  Wonderful!
Tofu, Mushroom and Green Vegetables in Soup
HK$88 (US$11.3)
We were wondering why this dish was completely oil free.  The ingredients are extremely healthy.  Looks good and tastes good, a great balance of diet.
In fact this restaurant offers large range of seafoods, but we had only 2 persons.  It's better to gather more people to come here and eat more seafoods.  Oh well, we don't really need to go to Sai Kung or Lei Yu Mun for seafood.  The bill may be a little higher, but we save time and transportation. 
After dinner, we were even served free dessert and fruits.
Total:  HK$458, including 10% service charge
金兜記海鮮菜館 Kam Dau Kee Seafood Restaurant
Shop A2 & 1/F, Tower 2 & 3, The Zenith, 3 Wanchai Road, Hong Kong
Tel: 3907 0878 
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