Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday Dim Sum No Discount


I haven't posted dim sum photos for some time.  You know why?  Some restaurants offer very special prices, but we had to compromise on the presentation.  So I don't feel comfortable to show photos that are not attractive.  Recently the economy is Hong Kong isn't quite well, shop owners are not happy to offer discounts.  Special prices are only offered on Saturday and selected hours.

As there are no discount anyway on Sunday, so I've decided to go to a higher class restaurant which I haven't visited for some time.  There presentations are good, taste also good, but the bill is no good - pricy!!

Turnip Silk Pie Cake (M) 蘿蔔千絲酥
Truly made to order.  Even the plate is hot.  Very crispy outside, soft and juicy turnip slices inside.
Pan Fried Rice Rolls with Dry Shrimps (L)
This pan fried rice roll is really interesting.  It's crispy on one side and soft on the other.  Pan fried to golden brown.  Looks good and also tastes good.
Deep Fried Pork Belly Bun (L)
The Chinese name of this dim sum says 'old fashion'.  Indeed, few restaurants nowadays offer this dish.  Pork belly and taro inside.  May be weight watchers won't like it, but I love it.
Steamed Pyramid Dumplings with Mushroom (M)
This is a vegetarian dish made from mushrooms from Yunnan.  The dumpling wrap is very thin and transparent.  It's a proof of the chef's handicraft.  Well done!

Steamed Glutinous Rice Dumpling in Lotus Leaf (L)
I remember when I was a little girl, dim sum restaurants sold giant size rice glutinous dumplings.  Nowadays people usually sell mini size ones.  Its Chinese name is in fact called 'pearl chicken'.  But there is nothing related with chicken, neither does shape, taste or ingredient.  Interesting?  Actually there are many other interesting names like this in Cantonese dim sum restaurants.
Sweet Brown Dumpling HK$22
As a matter of made to order, we waited 20 minutes for this dessert, however totally upset.  This restaurant used to produce very yummy sweet brown dumplings, but not this time. I gave it a 'fail' for this time.  It didn't look good, taste so so, the stuffing inside was too fluid and that it splashed everywhere and made our mouth and table very messy.

Sportful Garden Restaurant
(L) HK$25@ | (M) HK$23@
Tea HK$10 per person
Total bill:  HK$193 (US$24.8) for two persons, included 10% service charge

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