Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pre Mother's Day Dim Sum - No Discount

No Discount Dim Sums

Like I said in my last post, restaurants are cutting discounts on Sunday.  Since tomorrow is Mother's Day, they cut discounts today as well.  So we had to pay everything on full price.  Apart from that, many restaurants are being blocked for private parties.  It's really difficult to find somewhere to eat.  As for tomorrow, I think I better stay home and do some cooking myself.

Deep Fried Tufu 椒鹽脆豆付 HK$38
This deep fried tofu is served with fine pepper, salt and vinegar (in separate dish).  I would like it to be more cruncy and more golden brown.  I know I'm a little demanding, but that's the way this dish should be.
Stir Fried Rice Rolls with Dark Say Sauce 豉油王炒腸粉 HK$28
Rice roll is one of the most popular breakfast items in Hong Kong.  We usually eat steamed ones over breakfast, but there are many ways to serve it.  As for lunch or brunch, we like to have the stir fried ones.
Stir Fried Noodle with Bean Sprout and Dark Soy Sauce 豉油王炒面 HK$38
This is another popular Cantonese breakfast item in Hong Kong.  Didn't realise that we ordered 80% vegetarian dishes today. 
Steamed Pork Liver Dumplings 懷舊豬潤燒賣 HK$22
This is the only meat dish we had for today.  The restaurant named it 'old fashion'.  May be people are afraid of high cholesterol of liver, therefore fewer and fewer restaurants sell it.  But we love it, it's really delicious.
Deep Fried Fluid Egg Yolk Bun 炸奶王包 HK$22
Fluid egg yolk bun is usually steamed.  Today we found a deep fried one on the menu, so we tried to go for it.  It's cruncy outside and soft inside, although the colour can be more golden brown, but taste is really good, the lava-like egg yolk inside is very hot and fluid.  Well done, but need to take care when eating.
Insdie the Egg Yolk Bun

May 11, 2013, Saturday
Dim sum total:  HK$148 (We usually have 30% discount on Saturday, but not today!)
Tea: HK$8 per person
Service charge:  10%
Total:  HK$180 (US$23.1)

Hong Kong Food Blog - Pre Mother's Day Dim Sum - NO discount

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