Saturday, March 23, 2013

Japanese Hot Pot in Hong Kong

If you love Japanese hot pot, this place is highly recommended.  I found it on an internet search and notice it has a lot of great reviews.  So we decided to give it a try.  They are specialised in hot pot and skewing.  It was expensive but the food was really good.  I was told that they were the pioneer in introducing one-person-one-pot into Hong Kong.  We were able to choose our own soup base and do the cooking and eating at our own pace. 

They mainly sell two dinner sets - seafood and A5 Wagyu (80 gram/150 gram), rest on a la carte.  Both included starter, vegetables, clam or miso soup, udon or noodle of your choice, soup base of your choice and dessert.  My friend is a seafood fan and I’m a beef fan, so both of us had our favourite foods. 
My 80-gram A5 Wagyu

The A5 Waygu are flown in from Kyushu, Japan everyday. It was lucky I ordered 80 gram, otherwise I should not be able to finish the 150 gram along with the vegetables and noodles.  80 gram is approximately 4 sheets of little blankets 10x20mm and 2-3mm thick.  It’s really silky smooth and worth the price.  My friend’s seafood was also brilliant, tiger prawns, giant scallop and oysters.  She’s oyster allergic, so they swap with scallops for her. 
My Friend's Seafoods
Vegetables gave us a balance of diet.  The whole meal was actually quite healthy.  But we had no choice, everybody were given the same basket of vegetables.  Anyway they were the vegetables that I love.

The 20-seat restaurant is small but comfortable.  The whole restaurant was tailored for hot pot.  Everyone sit around a rectangular table surrounding the service area.  This makes service easy, but communications difficult if you have a group of more than two people.  Luckily we had four pairs of people in the restaurant, all were not loud people.  So we had a peaceful and lovely dinner, though pricy.

Katte Shabu Shabu 勝手
G/F, 5 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel:  852-2577-2628
Booking recommended
Travel instruction:  MTR Causeway Bay Exit ‘F’.  Walk through Yan Ping Road along Caroline Centre, cross Leighton Road and walk into Caroline Hill Road.  About 5 minute walk from MTR exit. 
Seafood Set:
HK$480 (app. US$61.5)
A5 Wagyu Set:
HK$350 (app. US$44.9) - 80 gram
HK$600 (app. US$76.9) - 150 gram
10% service charge
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