Monday, October 25, 2010

Home Made Tofu Dessert

It’s now autumn in Hong Kong, weather is getting cool and dry - time to enjoy desserts. Yesterday we decided to make fun by playing mahjong and at the same time joined hands to cook desserts for tea time.

Tofu Sheet Syrup is one of our most favourite old Hong Kong desserts which we all loved since we were kids. Of course our mums made it for us, and now we make it for ourselves. In fact, it was the first time the four of us join together to make this dessert and it was fun.

Home-Made Old Hong Kong Dessert –
Tofu Sheet Syrup with Eggs
4 Servings (total cost: HK$25 / US$3.2)


  • 4 dry tofu sheets
  • 4 boiled eggs
  • 1 whisked egg
  • Ginkgo (pitted) – quantity as you wish
  • Crystal sugar
  • 8 bowls of water
    • Tofu Sheet Syrup with Eggs

      1. Boil four eggs for 7 minutes. Remove shells.
      2. Soak ginkgo, remove the center bit.
      3. Boil 8 bowls of water.
      4. Add tofu sheet until it is soften.
      5. Turn to low heat, let it simmer for 20 minutes until the tofu sheets start to melt. You may want to simmer for 30 minutes if you want to have the tofu sheets dissolved completely.
      6. Add the boiled eggs.
      7. Add crystal sugar. Test until you find your loved level of sweetness.
      8. Before dishing up, add whisked egg and stir gently.
      9. Turn heat off. Cover for 5 minutes before eating.
      NOTE: Crystal sugar is the perfect match for this particular dessert. DO NOT use any other kind of sugar.

      As we all love the mini silky soft tofu sheets, so we simmered for 20 minutes only. It was so lovely and delicious. Rest of the day while playing majhong, we were still talking about how delicious our tofu dessert was.

      Dry tofu sheets are available at the market

      Hong Kong Food Blog - Home-made Tofu Dessert


      ☺lani☺ said...

      Nice presentation! Love tofu dessert. I'll be in Hongkong this weekend, finally I could have some Cantonese food :) Have a nice day!

      Anonymous said...

      Hi Anna, I got to know your blog today. Very impressive and informative! I'll be in Hongkong, Free n easy family trip in Nov, staying at Metropark Mongkok & Dinsneyland Hotel. I log in to but too many choices till I'm not sure which one is good to try. Are you be able to recommend for me? With us, 3 kids (12 years, 9 years & 13 months old baby..)

      Anna said...

      Buffet at Disneyland Hotel is good. Plenty of restaurants around Mongkok.
      Grand Tower Plaza at 639 Nathan Road has many choices. Should be nearby Metropark. Hope this helps.

      peterjohnr25 said...

      how i wish i can visit HONGKONG & stay long enough to enjoy much of HK!..