Saturday, October 9, 2010

Classic Chiu Chau Snacks

I found a newly opened Chiu Chau restaurant, Megared, nearby my house. So we decided to give it a try.

Like many other restaurants in Hong Kong, eating early or late is far more economic than peak hours. We went at tea time, ie. 2-4pm. For breakfast, if you pay your bill before 12.30pm, you will enjoy special price too.

Here are some of the special price dishes that we've ordered. They are really economic. The foods are delicious and served speedily. We've ordered a few of the Chiu Chau signature dishes. Even if you want to order a big dish of fried noodle or rice, the price is only around HK$38 which is really a good deal.

Goose Meat Noodle 鵝片湯面
Spicy Soup with Pig's Belly and Pickled Vegetable
Wow...very yummy! My priority Chiu Chau dish.
When I make this at home, I must add a lot of pepper
and it's really good in relieving my bloating problem.
胡椒咸菜豬肚湯 (HK$14.5/US$1.85) Chicken Feet with Chinese Medical Herbs,
such as Gogi and Angelica
藥膳鳯爪 (HK$14.5/US$1.85)
Megared Chiu Chow
6/F Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen's Road East
Hong Kong Tel: 852-2528 1680
Hong Kong Food Blog - Chiu Chow Signature Dishes


theabc said...

$13.5 HKD is very cheap. I've eaten $10 wonton noodles and it is horrible. 藥膳鳯爪 is very good... I love it. Here in Los Angeles, there are only a handful of places where they serve it. I almost ate it last week.

Anna said...

Wow, $10 for a wanton noodle? Why so expensive? NO way in Hong Kong. Some shops are selling at HK$10 for a wonton noodle. Of course some may sell at HK$20-30. Come to Hong Kong, we have plenty of yummy and cheap foods waiting for you.

casino online said...

Hi Ana. Love to visit Hongkong again. Love your foods. Thanks for sharing.

Ivan said...

I missed the wanton soup from HK too. Haven't go back since 1996. Imagine that! lol.