Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Cantonese Dim Sum and Dessert

Just realise that I haven't posted dim sum photos for some time. Here are some of my recent collections.

Traditional Cantonese Breakfast
Congee and Rice Roll 皮蛋瘦肉粥
Among which, congee with salty sliced pork and millenium egg + steamed rice roll is the classic duo. But today we chose the stir fried rice rolls.

Stir Fried Rice Rolls 炒腸粉
Chinese Pancake 煎薄餅
Deep Fried Dumplings 咸水角
Assorted Dim Sums 各式點心
Why we feel happy eating dim sum is that we enjoy
seeing the whole table full of delicious dishes of our own choice.
And everybody busy picking their own favourites.
一齊來多多點心, 大家都好開心

Fluid Egg Yolk Bun

Inside the Egg Yolk Bun 奶黃飽
Better eat it hot, or the fluid staffing will liquidate

Chinese Donut 蛋散
A very traditional Cantonese Dessert
I was eating this when I was a kid.
This should be one of the oldest
Hong Kong traditional dessert.

Hong Kong Food Blog - Assorted Dim Sum


Kathi from Hamburg said...

this photos looks very tasty
i get so hungry . . .

Jessica S. Choi said...

The pictures of food you post make me hungry!
I love dim sum. Where did you go to eat the particular foods in this post?

Stir Fried Rice Rolls with XO Sauce and Congee with Chinese Donuts are some of my favorite dim sum dishes. I have never tried the Fluid Egg Yolk Bun before. Is it good? Is the egg yolk cooked?

The Chinese Pancakes look good too. Does it have meat in them? Or is it just spices/herbs?

Your food blog is very interesting. I like how you go around to many different restaurants in Hong Kong to show truly Chinese/Asian cuisine. It made me realize that I have a lot more to learn about authentic Asian cuisine because I grew up eating somewhat Americanized Chinese foods. Your blog shows me many dishes that I have yet to taste.

Anna said...

Hi Jessica
Pls come to Hong Kong. We have lots of yummy food waiting for you. I took these photos from Banyan Tree at the 1/F of Wesley Hotel in Wanchai. The fluid egg yolk is cooked - very delicious. Re pancake, there are some mini dry shrimps, also very yummy.

Cath said...

What exactly are the Stir Fried Rice Rolls? Are they simply rice noodles rolled up and stir fried? they look delicious!