Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moon Cake and Partner Fruits

Tomorrow is Mid Autumn Festival (September 22, 2010) - August 15 in Chinese calendar.

Moon cakes are my favourites. Though cake makers in Hong Kong are very innovative, making all kinds of fruit, ice cream ... moon cakes, but what I really love are the traditional ones - lotus seed paste with egg yolks.

We usually eat fruits along with moon cakes as fruits are delicious and healthy. There are fruits which are exceptional tasteful around Mid Autumn Festival and they are pomelo, star fruit and grapes. Seedless green grapes are wonderful. In fact, not only me, most Hong Kong people eat these mid autumn fruits together with moon cakes.

I'm going to enjoy eating my juicy pomelo and moon cakes after writing this post. Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

My Favourite Moon Cakes and Pomelo

My favourite moon cake fruit partners:
green grapes and star fruit

My green trio and moon cakes are perfect match!

When I was a kid, we made lanterns from the left-over pomelo peels. Well, many kids had this game for fun. Star fruit is also the shape of many lanterns even nowadays.

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Lily Blue said...

i have bought a box of 4 mooncakes in the local asian market, the filling was " 5 nuts mix"

unfortunately i've not really liked it, maybe it was the egg yolk (that i wasn't expecting :D ) or just the mix of dried seeds

which feeling would you recommend the most ?

thank you

Anna said...

Hi Lily
I don't like '5 nuts' too. I only like the traditional lotus seed paste with egg yolks. If you don't like egg yolks, can buy plain version lotus seed paste.

Kathi from Hamburg said...

Can I buy this cake also in a different season or only in autumn?

Anna said...

Hi Kathi
Moon cakes are only available at Mid Autumn Festival, ie. August of Chinese calendar.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna!
I really like your blog, rather blogs, both of them very much. I just have one complaint, why don't you write more frequently? It's hard waiting so long for another post to arrive!

Anna said...

Hi Shandana
You are right. I should write more frequently. May be I should shift my focus. As this blog originates, I tend to focus on the food photos I've taken over my dining table. As you read my blog, you may know that I eat one meal a day and I tend to eat my favourite foods quite often. I don't pubish frequent enough just to avoid repeativeness. May be I should write articles about eating in Hong Kong and/or Chinese eating cultures and focus less on photos. That way I may be able to write more frequently and provide more info to my readers.