Sunday, September 5, 2010

Black Listed Restaurant

I don't always have luck, such as this horrible dinner. In fact, this restaurant is not the first time upset me. I have therefore decided to black list it. The other day we ordered four dishes, only one got a marginal pass.

Steam Scallop with Jelly Noodle - Most Horrible
Could not sense any temperature - Perhaps done an hour before we placed the order. The jelly noodles were just like iron wires.


The Pan Fried Buns was also another cold cut?! Again, might have been pan fried an hour before we placed the order. The presentation was to untidy!


'Beat Cucumber' - the cucumber was completely unprofessionally 'beaten' and the presentation was really messy. I tried hard to make it to be a little better in order to take a photo. And it was absolutely tasteless.

Roast Chicken - HK$48 or a half chicken. Quite a good deal, I gave it a marginal pass.


Foo Lum Restaurant 富臨酒家 - 1/F, 72-86 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. This is a chain restaurant which has many branches in Hong Kong.

This restaurant is a mid-range restaurant, reasonably decorated and priced. Services are so so, but food quality is totally unacceptable.

The other night when we went there, the lift was out of order and we had to walk. The staircases were flooding. Luckily there weren't any accident. But I must say this is the last time I visit this restaurant.

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