Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year Puddings

Today is Chinese New Year Eve. So let me present some Chinese puddings.

Pudding 糕 in Chinese sounds like 高 'gao', which means growth, along with going well, getting higher (promoted). So this is why Chinese like eating puddings at Chinese New Year. We eat all kinds of puddings everyday, but 'nan gao' is specially for New Year. Here is the 'nan gao' on our dim sum table yesterday.

New Year Pudding 年糕
It is sweet and sticky, but very yummy
(Nan Gao - Mandarin) (Nin Go - Cantonese)
Home Made Turnip Pudding 蘿蔔糕
My sister and I made this at home yesterday.
The process was slightly complicate, but it was fun!
Hong Kong Chinese Food - New Year Puddings

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Anonymous said...

Your carrot cake looks great. It's a pity my mom didn't make them these year. But she did get some year cake through.

Happy New Year!