Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Home Made Fish Soup

January 28, 2009 - Wednesday
Today is the third day of Chinese New Year. Let me introduce a few more dishes that we usually eat around Chinese New Year. They all carry very meaningful names.

Home Made Fish Cake Soup with Lettuce and Pork
Fish - surply; Lettuce - wealth
These dim sum dishes are from our New Year morning family gathering.

Dry Oyster, Pork's Tongue, Fa Cai - Dumplings Trio
Oyster - good business; Tongue - good profit; Fa Cai - lucky money
Pig's Knuckle
Make lots of lucky money
Jian Dui
Wealth rolling towards your house
Hong Kong Chinese Food - Chinese New Year Festival Foods

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marklondon said...

i love your blog.

i am in london and long for your updates.

i so miss good HK food.