Friday, March 28, 2008

Simple Cantonese Home Cooking

I live alone and work long hours. But when I'm tired of eating out, I'll find time to do some home cooking. I am Cantonese, and Cantonese cuisine can be extremely simple. Let me show you how simple it can be.

First cook a pot of plain rice. Then beat up two eggs and stir fried them with hams. I am very picky on hams. Villani Pancetta - Amatriciana is my favourite because it is very yummy and in cubes, though expensive. I can cook them immediately from package.

Total cooking time: 20 minutes
Two eggs: HK$3
80 grams of Villani Pancetta - Amatriciana: HK$33.5
Total cost: HK$36.5 (US$4.7)

Hong Kong Chinese Food - Home Made Dishes

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Classic Shanghainese Banquet

Dinner date: March 26, 2008
Occasion: My house-warming dinner

Number of People: 15
Cost: HK$3,500 (US$449), inclusive of 10% service charge

Restaurant name: Hong Kong Lao Shanghai Restaurant
Restaurant address: Basement, Novotel Century Hotel, 238 Jaffe Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Restaurant telephone: 852- 2827-9339
Anna's comment: My new house is not big enough to entertain all my family members, so after a brief visit to my house, we walk over to a nearby hotel and have an authentic Shanghainese banquet. I booked a private room with minimum expenses of HK$3,000. Very efficient and friendly service.

I receive a wealth-attracting cat as a gift
我的入伙禮物 - 招財貓
My family members come celebrate my moving into a new house
FourDishes of Starters
Cucumber with Sea Jelly Noodle 翡翠, 蜇頭
Preserved Fish & Pork 熏魚, 肴肉
Preserved Vegetarian Roll & Beancurd 素鵝, 烤麸
Chicken Preserved with Hua Diao Wine 花雕醉鷄
Deep Fried Dual, with Salt & Chilli - Pork Chop & Beancurd
椒監炸雙拼 - 排骨, 豆付
My Most Favourite Dish of Tonight

Sauteed Shrimps (from river) 清炒河蝦仁
Stewed Pork Knuckles 冰糖煨元蹄 Buns served with Pork Knuckles
Deep Fried Duck 香酥鴨
Ham and Vegetables 金腿鴛鴦蔬
Sweet & Sour Fish 松鼠桂魚
Wanton Soup with Chicken & Ham 火朣雲吞鷄
My Second Most Favourite Dish of Tonight
Xiao Lung Bao, vegetarian filling 葷素小笼包
Xiao Lung Bao - meat filling
Deep Fried Green Onion Pancake 蔥油餅
Shanghainese waiter serving us sweet dumpling dessert with cassia flower
Hong Kong Chinese Food - Shanghainese Banquet

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday Cantonese Dinner

Dinner date: March 21, 2008
Occasion: Casual dinner
Number of People: Four
Cost: HK$375 (US$48), including 10% service charge
Restaurant name: Foo Lum Roast Goose Hot Pot Restaurant
Anna's comment: This is a Cantonese restaurant, but we can’t stand the low price of a Peking duck, which costs only HK$38 (US$4.9) for a half duck. However it has more fat than those we eat in Beijing. Actually we should go for the restuarant's name, either roast goose or hot pot.

Shark Bone Soup with Chicken and Meat 鯊魚骨鷄湯
Stir Fried Prawns 炒蝦球
Roasted Pork's Belly 燒腩仔
Vegetable in Hot Pot 啫啫通菜煲
Peking Duck 北京填鴨
Hong Kong Chinese Food - Cantonese Dinner

Good Friday Chiu Chau Lunch

Lunch date: March 21, 2008
Occasion: Casual lunch
Number of People: Two
Cost: HK$190 (US$24.4), including 10% service charge
Restaurant name: The Grace Garden
Restaurant address: 12/F Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Restaurant telephone: 852-2506-3366
Anna's comment: Today’s dessert ‘crystal dumplings’ is of four different fillings, this is something new and interesting. All our dishes today are signature Chiu Chow dishes.

Oyster Pancake 煎蠔餅
Preserved Pork's Belly & Beancurd 豬腩肉豆付
Preserved Pork's Knuckle 豬手仔
Crystal Dumplings 四色水晶包
No photo taken - mini glutinous dumpling 珍珠鷄

Hong Kong Chinese Food - Chiu Chau cuisine

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cantonese Pan Fried Eggplant

Lunch date: March 15, 2008
In today's dim sum lunch, two of the dishes are exceptionally nicely done.

Pan Fried Eggplant Filled with Minced Fish 煎釀茄子
Only HK$16.8 + (US$2.15)Stir Fried Quo Diao (flat noodle) 炒貴刁
Originates from Singapore/Malaysia, but widely popular in Hong Kong.
Slightly spicy. HK$68 + (US$8.7) - slightly expensive

Hong Kong Chinese Food - Dim Sum lunch

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Deluxe Cantonese Seafood Dinner

Dinner date: March 1, 2008
Occasion: To celebrate my lucky draw wins

Number of People: 7
Cost: HK$2,180 (US$279), inclusive of 10% service charge

Restaurant name: Sportful Garden Restaurant
Restaurant address: 8 Fleming Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Restaurant telephone: 852-2258-7688
Anna's comment: I won some extra cash from a lucky draw last Friday. So I call on my family members for a small celebration. We are Cantonese, so Cantonese cuisine, especially seafood is our favourite. Tonight, we have picked a number of seafood dishes from this famous Cantonese seafood restaurant.

Abalone - Dual Style
Abalone in Soup 鮑魚燉湯
The Brilliant Abalone
Braised Sliced Abalone with Vegetable 鮑魚片炆豆苗
Assorted Platter 四色拼盤
Shark Fin from Our Shark Fin Soup 砂窩鷄煲翅
Pan Fried Oysters 黃金煎生蠔
Salt Chicken盐焗鷄
Stewed Pork with Vegetable 荷香卤肉
No photos taken: desserts and fruits

Hong Kong Chinese Food - Cantonese Seafood

Message to Shark Fans

Please DO NOT post comments about your shark protection / protest message.  I will NOT publish them.  If you want to protect sharks, here are my suggested methods:
  1. Advertise in mass media
  2. Everyday protests, demonstrations…in front of all shops selling shark fins
  3. Everyday protests, demonstrations in public areas such as streets, parks to educate the public not to eat shark fin
  4. Letter, fax, email, telephone or personal visits to restaurant owners to insist them to remove shark fin from their menu
  5. Write to the government to request shark fin eating to be illegal
  6. Hire fleet of ships to go out to the sea to stop any shark catching activities.

Leaving comments in my blog is a matter of wasting my time to read and delete.  It is in no sense contributive in saving sharks.