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Best Cantonese Foods at Hong Kong Hotels

Some readers ask me where to eat the best Cantonese foods at Hong Kong hotels. I’m serious, if you want to eat the best Cantonese foods on earth, you have to come to Hong Kong. As hotel is your home away from home, you may find it easy and convenient to eat at where you stay. However not all hotels have Cantonese restaurants available. I have therefore pulled together some information here for your quick reference.

Super Luxury Dining $$$$$

If you are a fan of rating, you’ll love to know that there is a 3-star Michelin Cantonese restaurant in Hong Kong, and it is the one and only one here - Lung King Heen at Four Seasons Hotel. According to Hong Kong Tourism Board, it says “Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”.

Of course I don’t have a wallet thick enough to go there, so I cannot share with you any personal experience but you can take a look at their menu. Anything from dim sum to super deluxe seafood are available.

Luxury Dining $$$$

There are several 2-starMichelin restaurants situated in Hong Kong hotels. Summer Palace at Island Shangri-La and Shang Palace at Kowloon Shangri-La both carry a 2-star rating. If you want to add a little uniqueness to your luxury Cantonese food, try the Tin Lung Heen on the 102/F of The Ritz-Carlton at Tsim Sha Tsui. Around the same area, there is the Ming Court at Langham Hotel, which is also a 2-star Michelin Cantonese restaurant.

Fine Dining $$$

Obviously the Michelin secret inspectors do not have time to rate all Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong. So let’s forget about rating and go look for some good balance among money, food, service and overall dining experience.

At Admiralty on Hong Kong island there are couple of hotels where you can find good Cantonese foods. Man Ho at JW Marriott and Golden Leaf at Conrad. These restaurants serve many business guests and you should have no doubt on their services, food and environment. Money wise, I would say reasonably expensive, but affordable. Man Ho claims this in their website: Award-winning restaurant features a contemporary table setting and decor for the finest authentic Cantonese cuisine. But I don’t know what kind of award they’ve won.

Over at Causeway Bay, there is a very popular Cantonese restaurant among local residents, tourists and businessman, situated within Hotel Excelsior - Yee Tung Heen which also claims to have won plenty of awards. It is always full. Please make an advance booking.

Cantonese Restaurants Quiz - What is Heen?

Lung King Heen, Tin Lung Heen, Yee Tung Heen…there are big bunch of restaurants in Hong Kong in the name of xxx Lung and xxx Heen. What has ‘lung’ and ‘heen’ to do with restaurants? I really don’t know. May be the restaurant owners can help. Anyway, ‘lung’ is dragon which is a classic Chinese mascot. But what is ‘heen’?

Mid Range Cantonese Restaurants in Hong Kong Hotels $$$-$$

If you associate hotel rate with restaurant rate, you may find a reasonably good deal at Guo Fu Lou situated at Empire Hotel in Wanchai, Hong Kong. For rating fans, you’ll be amazed that it is newly added to the 1-star Michelin list in 2013. Across the street is Fu Tung Gongdong Restaurant at The Wharney Guang Dong Hotel. Both restaurants claim to be managed by celebrity chefs and provide top quality Cantonese cuisine. However they both situated at relatively cheap hotels. These two hotels both located around the bar areas at the heart of Wanchai.

Quality Cantonese Restaurants Nearby Hong Kong Hotels $$$-$$

Many visitors like to eat Cantonese foods at the hotels where they stay for the sake of convenience. But there are many good restaurants not managed by hotel but serve very good Cantonese foods, and they are at the neighbourhood of good hotels. Below is a few to name.

In Central, opposite to Mandarin Oriental, Maxim’s Palace at City Hall is a very famous local chain of Cantonese restaurant. In Tsim Sha Tsui - Prince Restaurant at Heritage 1881 is right next to Peninsula and at the heart of shopping areas. In Mongkok, Sportful Garden Restaurant at Stanford Hotel is famous for shark fin, abalone and seafood. See my previous post, my birthday dinner was held at their Wanchai shop.

What Are The Best Cantonese Foods to Eat?

Best of the best – fresh seafood
Everyday delicacy – dim sum
Specialty favour – Cantonese style BBQ
Health conscious – ‘old fire’ soup

I have plenty of Cantonese food photos in this blog, feel free to browse. But I just realised that there are couple of photos from hotels that I haven’t posted yet. Here they are.

Cantonese Style BBQ - Pork Belly
(Summer Palace, Island Shangri-La)
Cantonese Style 'Old Fire' Soup - Bok Choy Mushroom and Ham
(Summer Palace, Island Shangri-La)

NOTE:  Hotel menus may rotate seasonally. 

My Personal Invitation  

When is your next trip to Hong Kong?  It would worth your special journey here to taste all the delicious Cantonese foods at Hong Kong hotels and everywhere over the city.  Look forward to seeing you here.

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