Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Birthday Dinner 2013

Anna's Birthday Dinner 2013 - June 25 (Tuesday)

Today is my birthday.  My company offers me a day off (on top of annual leave), and I've taken the previlege of going to Ocean Park for free.  Here's a summary of my birthday dinner.

I love shark fin in chicken broth.  8 tales of shark fin in rich creamy chicken broth, a classic Cantonese delicacy.  Pre-ordering is required.

Shark Fin in Chicken Broth
雞煲翅 HK$568

Here's another classic Catonese delicacy - it's not only roast pork, but the best part of the roast pork.  Extremely crunchy skin and almost no fat.  The Chinese name says '3-layers meat', but I can only count two.  Anyway, very delicious.

3-layers Roast Pork
冰燒三層肉 HK$98

Stir Fried Egg White with Scallops.  This is usually served in Beijing or Shanghai restaurants, but Cantonese restaurants also serve this dish.  Healthy in a way without egg yolk (no cholestrol), but it required a lot of oil to make it silky smooth.  Not sure if the chef uses EVO.

Stir Fried Egg White with Scallop
瑤柱賽螃蟹 HK$138
Mushroom and Crab Roe with Jelly Noodle.  I thought the jelly noodle was pre-cooked with some seafood broth as it tastes very strong seafood fragrance.
Crab Roe and Mushroom Jelly Noodle Hot Pot

Another health conscious dish.  Some green beans with mushroom and fish maw.  Light and healthy.

Stir Fired Fish Maw with Green Beans and Mushroom
野菌炒魚肚 HK$98

As I mentioned previously, our family have three members born in June all within one week.  Hence we are busy with birthday dinners.  In the other birthday dinners, we had Chinese and western birthday cakes, so for my own birthday, I decided to go for something else - almond tea with egg white.  This one tastes very good, but I think it can be better.  For I would like to have lumps of egg white rather than all blended in with the almond syrup.

Almond Tea with Egg While

Anna's Birthday Dinner - June 25, 2013
Sportful Garden Restaurant
1/F Tai Tung Building, 8 Fleming Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: 2258-7688
Total:  HK$1,272 inclusive of tea for four and 10% service charge.
Ocean Park offers free admission to Hong Kong permanent residents on their birthdays.  I've taken this advantage and enjoy a free day there.

Message to Shark Fans

Please DO NOT post comments about your shark protection / protest message.  I will NOT publish them.  If you want to protect sharks, here are my suggested methods:

  1. Advertise in mass media
  2. Everyday protests, demonstrations…in front of all shops selling shark fins
  3. Everyday protests, demonstrations in public areas such as streets, parks to educate the public not to eat shark fin
  4. Letter, fax, email, telephone or personal visits to restaurant owners to insist them to remove shark fin from their menu
  5. Write to the government to request shark fin eating to be illegal
  6. Hire fleet of ships to go out to the sea to stop any shark catching activities.
Leaving comments in my blog is a matter of wasting my time to read and delete.  It is in no sense contributive in saving sharks.

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