Sunday, February 3, 2013

Luxury Lunch at Amber

I seldom eat lunch, and seldom eat luxury lunch.  Last week, I had a treat from a client and had a luxury lunch at the 2 star Michelin restaurant - Amber at Landmark Oriental.  It's a high class famous French restaurant.  You may come across their signature dishes very easily over the internet.  Here are couple of them.
Duck Foie Gras

This little deep fried ball was one among the starter trio.  They had the manager explained what it was and told us to eat it in one bite.  It was hot inside, so we had to take extra care in that one bite.   The other starter was something like a mini spring roll (1 x 3cm) and we were told to eat by hand (licenced no table manner!)

The mushroom consumme was in fact what I liked most.  Unfortunately forgot to take a photo.  The mushroom fragrance was wonderful.

We had two choices of main course.  One was reindeer meat in ravioli, the other was fish.  I really wanted to try the reindeer meat as it is rarely available on any menu.  However to be on the safe side, I decided to go for fish.  The other guests having reindeer meat said it was very strong in taste, while my fish was relatively mild.  Served with lobster gravey, the combination and presentation was perfect. 

We had two choices of dessserts.  I don't like strawberries, so I opted for the chocolate mousse.  It was also very well done and nicely presented.  Crunchy chocolate sheets with vanilla ice cream.  The silky fine chocolate mousse was lying on the little flat bed below.  Very yummy!

Petits Fours is one of the Amber signature dishes.  Although I was so full but I simply couldn't resist as they were so delicious and beautiful.  After this super huge lunch, I had to fast through the next day's dinner. 

After all, we took office a box of Amber cookies as souviner.
I thought this lunch may go beyond HK$1,000 if we had to pay.
7/F Mandarin Oriental, Landmark, Hong Kong
852 - 2132 0066
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