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Wedding Banquet 2012

I went to a wedding banquet last Thursday.  I liked the food, but didn't like the arrangement.
Typical Hong Kong Wedding Banquet Run Down
Hosts usually start to receiving guests at around 4pm.  Guests can play games, such as mahjong till 8pm.  Hosts and guests usually take photos before dinner.  Then after a short ceremony and video presentation about the couple's love story, dinner starts.  Here's how I don't like the arrangement.
MC announced that dinner will start at 8.15pm (while the invitation card says 8pm).  Well I would say a 15-minute delay is acceptable.  Guess what, dinner didn't serve till 9.30pm.  Guests all gathered around the tables, waiters were standing there waiting for nothing as they've done all they could, but there were no signal from the host that dinner could start.  Everyone getting very impatient and very hungry.  After dinner, the hosts were still busy taking photos and even forgot to go shake hands and say goodbye to the guests until the restaurant master reminded them.
Fortunately the food was not as bad as the arrangement.  I would say it was quite a good dinner.  Good food, fresh ingredient, well presented and served.
Good Chinese food has three elements:  look good, smell good and taste good.  Here are a few good examples.  For wedding banquets, all dishes are given very beautiful and meaningful names.  Please excuse me as I'm really unable to translate these names.
Stir Fried Spiral Shell and Broccoli
Very colorful and beautiful

South African Abalony with Cabbage and Goose Web
My favourite!  Each one of us has an abalony.  The goose webs are very soft and delicious.
Mushrooms, Bean Sprout and Dry Scallop in Melon
A very healthy dish, mostly vegetable, looks good and tastes good
Shark Fin Soup with Crab Meat
I don't mean to offend shark fans, but this dish was exceptionally well done.  The crab meat in the soup was like the size of my little finger.  The shark fins are thick and chewy.  It's expensive.  I can realise that top grade ingredients are used.
It's time for a break.  In a Cantonese wedding banquet, the bride and groom as well as the host family members will walk around the floor and toast to each table.
After the toast, it's time for the fish and chicken to show off.
Oh my goodness, this garoupa is really giant, fresh and yummy.  Do you notice the little bowls and dishes around the fish.  That was for the waiter to serve us.  We were not allowed to grab the food oursleves.  Instead we had to wait for the waiter to share for us.  They replace a fresh serving plate for each guest for each dish.  Well, good services, but not environmental!
Steam Giant Garoupa
Cantonese banquest always fill guests stomach to their limit.  After the heavy 8-course dinner, there were rice and noodle, dessert duo style and fruits.  Come on, we simply couldn't eat any more.  After all, everyone had to take the oranges home.
Hasma Dessert with Lotus Seeds
Few people will host their wedding banquet with this dessert, because hasma is expensive.  That's why I say the dinner arrangement was bad, but the food was really good. 
Wedding Menu
Here's the menu.  In a typical Cantonese wedding banquet, food is usually served in this sequence.  Depending on the budget of the host, the choice of food may vary.  I must say this banquet may cost around HK$6,000 per table.
Roasted Piglet * Prawns of Duo Style * Mushroom and Scallop * Spiral Shell and Broccoli
Shark Fin with Crab Meat * Abalony and Goose Web * Giant Garoupa * Crispy Chicken
Seafood Fried Rice * Dumplings and Noodle * Hasma Dessert * Pudding Dessert * Fruits

Wedding date:  November 29, 2012
Restaurant: Chao Dynasty, 132 Nathan Road, Kowloon
Standard gift:  HK$500
In the Hong Kong Cantonese culture, we usually give cash coupon as gift when attending wedding banquets.  Of course this is the most welcomed gift.  I spend $500 for this dinner, but well worth it.

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Joel Chong said...

Phwaar!! I like what you wrote, the way you comment on the food. The pictures you took make me salivate and drool.

Well, I guess Chinese (particularly Cantonese wedding banquets) are the same worldwide.

Our wedding dinners start around 7 p.m. As open gambling is illegal here, we do not start with a game of mahjong. Instead, everyone comes for just the food.

I can say that the menu I see in this wedding is definitely very interesting. The sharkfin, too!

I fully agree with your comments on 'shark protection comments'.