Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trendy Mooncakes

I've noticed that mooncakes in Hong Kong are becoming more and more creative.  Apart from the ice cream mooncakes I've introduced before, I found some trendy mooncakes this year.  These include chocolate mooncakes and coffee mooncakes.  Now let me showcase some of the most interesting trendy mookcakes in the market.

Limited Edition Chocolate Mooncakes
You've heard of limited edition anything.  Perhaps not mooncakes!  Luxury chocolate GODIVA  is launching 5 brand new 2012 Mid-Autumn limited edition chocolate flavours that comes in two different sizes: the refreshing apricot – mandarin crunch and the rich strawberry- lychee crunch are available in the regular sizes, whereas the tangerine- banana crunch, the mango-cranberry crunch, and the creamy passion fruit almond crunch are available in petite chocolate mooncakes.
Coffee Mooncake
This year, you won't go to Starbucks for coffee only, but mooncakes.  In 2012, they are launching coffee mooncakes - Espresso & Hazelnut Mooncake; Salted Caramel & Almond Mooncake.  HK$218 per box with two flavors and regular size, bulk discount available

The Moon and Nine Stars
Haagen-dazs sells Ice Cream Mooncake as usual.  But this year I found a new series of a big box and each box contains ten Ice Cream Moon cakes with nine flavors: Belgian Chocolate (2 pcs), Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Coffee, Cookies & Chocolate, Summer Berries and Caramel & Biscuit.  HK$463 per box, early bird discount available.

Semi Traditional
The mini mooncakes are what I classified as 'semi traditional'.  I thought they only become popular in the recent years.  Of course cake makers try to be very creative in the stuffing, apart from the traditional lotus paste.

Traditional Moon Cakes
No matter how many trendy and creative mooncakes are there, my favourite remains traditional - dual yolks with lotus seed paste.  This year I received a gift pack from HSBC - Maltitol Low Sugar Golden Lotus Seed Paste with Two Yolks.  They look and taste very traditional however healthy in a way using simple sugar.  That could be less demanding for the stomach.  Quite a good idea for health conscious people.

Mid Autumn Festival Fruits
There are wide range of fruits available in Hong Kong year round, but there are some fruits more popular than others at time of Mid Autumn Festival.  They are namely star fruit, red persimmon and pomelo.  Ever since I was a kid, these fruits has become the best mooncake partners. 

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Note:  I'm not a shareholder of any of the mooncake suppliers mentioned in this blog post.

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