Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekend Brunch Special

Managing time is a good strategy to eat good food at low price in Hong Kong. Today I pass by Spaghetti House and notice their weekend brunch special.  I have a three-course lunch including a pastry soup, tomato prawn risotto and coffee.  It's only HK$62 + 10% service fee.  It is only 50% of the same items on a la carte which will cost HK$140.  But for the weekend brunch special, you only have to place your order before 12.30pm and pay your bill before 1pm.  There are several of such weekend brunch special sets ranging between $59-62.  Good deals!

Pastry Soup with Clam and Mushroom

Tomato Prawn Risotto
May be I don't know Italian food well enough.  I think risotto is far more creamy than the one I had.  And the waiter just named it fried rice.  Well, how should authentic risotto be?

Spaghetti House is a mid-range western chain restaurant in Hong Kong.  Not too expensive, good food and reasonably nice eating environment.  Their tea sets are quite good deals.  Click here to view tea set menu

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