Monday, December 28, 2009

Yan Can Cook - Anna's Cookbook Recommendation

Have my blog inspired you to learn cooking Chinese food? Actually there are quick, easy and healthy Chinese cooking methods that you can learn from professional Chinese chefs. Here are my most respected Chinese chefs and their cookbooks - Martin Yan and Nicholas Zhou.

Martin Yan started his culinary career in Hong Kong, so I am proud to present him first.

Before my introduction, you might have already known him from his TV Show “Yan Can Cook” – a show which has been seen in 70 countries and has won many awards. First time I saw him on TV, I was completely impressed by his professional cooking skills and great sense of humour.

Yan moved to North America and has worked in restaurants in Canada and the United States. He received a Master Chinese Chef Certification from the Ontario Restaurant Association and holds a Master’s in Food Science from the University of California Davis. Chef Yan has written numerous cookbooks and has consulted with restaurants and culinary schools throughout the country.

Among his cookbooks, the following being most popular: Martin Yan's Chinatown Cooking: 200 Traditional Recipes from 11 Chinatowns Around the World (intro by Julia Child), Martin Yan Quick and Easy, and his latest, Martin Yan's China (a cookbook that documents his travels throughout the far reaches of China, and his culinary discoveries).

Hong Kong Chinese Food - Cookbook Review


Betty said...

I just found your blog and I love it! I moved from Hong Kong to the US about 27 years ago. Though I've been back a few times, I always always crave cantonese food. The biggest craving I have is the HK style French Toast. I haven't had it in years. Would you be able to provide a recipe? I found a few, but I don't know how authentic they are and also, do you know what kind of syrup is used for the french toast? I don't think it's what they use here in the states, which is maple.
Thanks! looking forward to hearing from you!

VenusInVirgo said...

I love Martin Yan. My mother used to video tape all his cooking shows!

Anna said...

French toast is quite complicate to DIY. I usually have it at 茶餐廳. I can treat you next time when you are here. Let me know.

Rose Belle said...

Hi Anna. Although I've never visited HK (from San Francisco in US), my family and friends who've been there always talked about the all these great and cheap food. I was even told over and over again even the street vendors have delicious food. I'd love to visit one day. Your blog provides excellent tips and places.