Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sushi Dinner

We went to Tsimshatsui for Sushi dinner last night. There were several other sushi restaurants nearby at Granville Road with immediate seating. But the one we went Itamae-Sushi had a big crowd waiting. I was a little puzzled why my friend picked this particular restaurant. Until I started to eat, I knew why.

Scallops - our number One choice of the night. We can really taste the freshness and sweetness of fresh seafood - Ichiban !
Salmon - on special offer, I thought we ordered at least 10 for each of us.
Tuna - also our favourite
Peony Prawns - also Ichiban ! But slightly pricy.

Please focus on sushi only. Forget others. Sushi are the best. Everybody come here for sushi only.

Salmon and Scallop 三文魚, 帆立貝
Tuna Fish 端拿魚
Peony Prawns 牡丹蝦
Itamae-Suchi 板前夀司
14 Granville Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-31062846
Tsimshatsui MTR Exit B1
They don't take reservations. Average waiting time 30 minutes. They have a very professionally managed system. Just go there and pick a ticket, come back in 20-30 minutes and be seated. There are many shops around in that area, do some window shopping and you won't be bored while waiting.

We are all happy with the friendly waiters and efficient services and of course the excellent food.

Average expense per person HK$180 (US$23)

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Rosana said...

What a wonderful blog, thanks so much for taking the time to take these pictures. I'm visiting HK very soon and just spent a good twenty minutes reading your food blog :)

Anna said...


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