Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rare Vegetarian Dim Sum Lunch

At the Hong Kong Park, Lock Cha Tea Shop is a place where you can enjoy a peaceful lunch at the heart of a city. Our office is nearby, and we found it a good place to enjoy good tea and good food, along with good services.

This is a place dedicated for tea appreciation, so we can do the art of tea ourselves but the tea here is more expensive than other dim sum restaurants. Each of us can order our own choice of tea and play around with our tea set. Only the tea costs HK$20 (US$2.6) per person.

My choice of tea - Pu Er 我的至愛普洱茶 I am doing art of tea for myself 茶藝自助
All the vegetarian dim dum are very nicely done
Standard dish contains two pieces,
we paid extra to make three in each dish
每碟兩件, 但可按比例加費至所需件數
Vegetarian Buns 我們三人一齊, 所以每碟都有三件
Vegetarian Dessert - Glutinuous Dumplings with Custard Stuffing
Hong Kong Food Blog - Vegetarian Dim Sum Lunch

Lock Cha Tea Shop
Ground Floor, The KS Lo Gallery, Admiralty, Hong Kong Park
Tel: 852-2801 7177
10am - 10pm, light Chinese music at dinner time


Hannah said...

Hmmmmm..looks good. As a vegetarian and Chinese food lover, I'd like to be able to make some of those things. Are they difficult?

KennyT said...

I thought there was only tea serving in that tea house, now I know I was wrong! I'll definitely go and try their veggie dim sum, all looks so yummilicious. Thanks for sharing.

Celina said...


I have been following this blog and even have it in my blogroll to refer my blog´s readers here too. This is really a great blog about Hongkong and its culture.
Thank you for sharing all these wonderful things.

Anna said...

Hi Hannah, Kenny and Celina,
Thank you for the kind words. I am sure you would love this place. But Hannah, I don't get your question of 'difficult'. In terms of location, it is easy. At Admiralty MTR station, look for Pacific Place exit and follow escalators up to the Park. Hope this will help.

Rebecca said...

Dear Anna,
I am writing a story about Dim Sum in Hong Kong for an Online Journalism class at HKU. I found your blog and, since you seem an expert on the matter, I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions. Feel free to contact me anytime!
(I think my email will show on your blog)

Anna said...


No, I don't see your email. But feel free to post it. I WONT' publish it. Happy to help.


PIE-314 said...

That looks delicious! I wish I could go to there! Compared to dim sum here in the US it is so inexpensive, and there is more variety there too. I will have to go when I visit HK.