Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cotton Candy at Tea Buffet

Tea Buffet date: August 15, 2009
3.30pm to 5.30pm – only on Saturdays and Sundays
Cost: HK$218 (US$28) per person, plus 10% service charge

Restaurant name: Café Too, 7/F Island Shangri-La
Restaurant telephone: 852- 2877 3838

The old Hong Kong street side snack here reminds me of my childhood. In the past at least three decades, I haven’t seen this made-to-order cotton candy and yesterday I found it at the tea buffet at Island Shangri-La. Take a look at the follow video. Only a few seconds, a spoonful of white sugar was turned into a large lump of cotton candy.

The tea buffet here has a very wide selection of Cantonese dim sum as well as many delicious Chinese snacks, made-to-order noodles with ingredients of your choice. Japanese corner has sashimi, sushi and soba.

You must love the desserts here. The chef will do pancakes and cotton candies for you. Kids can create their own toppings on cakes. The wide selection of fruits and ice cream will certainly make dessert lovers excited.

懷舊綿花糖製作過程, 只需幾秒
Video - Cotton Candy Making

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Anonymous said...

It's not marshmallow...but cotton candy

Lisa said...

I love all the pics you posted with this entry!

BTW, in the US, what you call a marshmallow we call cotton candy. Marshmallows to us are soft, squishable, pillowlike mouthfuls of sugary goo that, if you microwave them, puff up and get even more gooey and can stretch out in strings.

Anna said...

Thank you to both. Actually I've been trying to look for a suitable term. And you know what, in Hong Kong, marshmallow and cotton candy carry the same Chinese term 棉花糖. Hence the error, I'll make a correction.

The Shang said...

I love Caffe Too. It is one of the world's best buffets. If you have never been there you should try it. Their dinner and lunch buffet is mind-blowing.

Linhy said...

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