Thursday, July 9, 2009

Deep Fried Chicken - HK$1 Only

Today is my birthday (Chinese calendar May 17). My two brothers and me were born in the same month, so we had a joint celebration last night.

Among all the Chinese ways of chicken cooking, I like deep frying the most. To attract more customers, the restaurant down my house had a special promotion of HK$1 for one deep fried chicken. We all like seafood, you can also see our seafood selections below.

HK$1 Deep Fried Chicken 炸子鷄
Fish is a must in any Cantonese feast.
I picked this one from the tank.
Swimming Tiger Garoupa HK$198 (US$25.4)
Lobster Noodle 龍蝦面 - is one of our family favourites
HK$198 (US$25.4)
Steam Scallops with Smashed Garlic 蒸扇貝
HK$118 (US$15.1)
Soup with Whelks and Chinese Herb 響螺湯
HK$108 (US$13.8) - No photo
As a balance of diet, we usually order a dish of vegetables
Mushrooms and Vegetable 鮮菇菜苗
Red/Green Bean Syrup - FOC from Hoi Tin Restaurant
Opera Cake - Treat from Island Shangri-La

Whole bill: HK$843 including tips (7 people)
Hoi Tin Restaurant, 72 Lockhard Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Chinese Food - Cantonese Feast


WokHee said...

Hey Anna Happy Birthday!
Your birthday meal looks delicious. Hope you enjoyed your special day.

Whatever said...

OH!!!!!!!!! HOW I MISS HK FOOD!!!!!!!!

Whatever said...

oh how i miss hk food!!!! love it!

cfusion said...

love your food blog! about 30 years ago, my family used to come to hong kong every Christmas. we used to go to this "real" authentic smorgasbord in a hotel with a huge viking in the front door of the restaurant. does anyone remember this hotel restaurant? thanks!