Friday, May 15, 2009

Hong Kong Lunch Buffet

Lunch date: May 15, 2009
Restaurant: Marriott Cafe, 1/F JW Marriott, Pacific Place
Cost: HK$260 (US$33.3) per person + 10% service charge

Buffets in Hong Kong usually include some Chinese food. In Marriot Cafe, their signature dish - stewed fish maw - is rarely found elsewhere. My colleague had a promotion recently and take us here for celebration. It's my first time to try the fish maw here, its really good. At the Chinese food corner, I also like the Hai Nan Chicken Rice which is very professionally done. The noodle corner is also my favourite. I pick the ingredients and the chef cook for me immediately. Let's have a quick browse of my buffet today.

Stewed Fish Maw with Assorted Mushrooms 花膠
Noodle Corner
My Cuttlefish Noodle, with toppings of my choice
Cold Cut / Starter
Lots of Seafoods
Japanese Corner
Sashimi, Sushi, Soba...and so on
Hong Kong Food Blog - Hotel Buffet


ted said...

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ng said...

Is this buffet lunch or dinner?

Anna said...


Lunch. See my headline: Lunch date: May 15, 2009.

Dinner will be more expensive.