Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Classic Hong Kong Dessert

Let me introduce one of the most popular Hong Kong tea set. Many a time I notice in the China Towns of overseas countries, cafes specify that they are selling Hong Kong style milk tea. Hong Kong milk tea is world famous, very rich and smooth. Local Cantonese invented this. Nowadays even McDonalds and five-star hotels start to serve tea of Hong Kong style.

Hong Kong milk tea sells at an average of HK$10 (hot) and HK$12 (iced). Cafe de Coral offers the lowest price of HK$6 at tea time - 2.30pm through 5.30pm.

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea 港式奶茶

Egg Tart is one of the most popular desserts of Hong Kong Cantonese. Local bakeries usually sell at around HK$4 each of regular size. Many dim sum restaurants serve egg tarts as dessert, charging averagely HK$13 per dish of 3-4 mini ones.

Egg Tarts 蛋撻

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