Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stewed Pork - 東坡肉

This stewed pork is one of my most favourite Chinese dishes. It is named after the great Chinese poet SU Dongpo. Hence it is also call Dongpo Meat. It is usually eat with plain Chinese bread, but the restaurant charged us extra for the 4 pieces of bread.
我的至愛 - 東坡肉
Hong Zhou Restaurant, 116 Wanchai Road, Hong Kong (Tel: 852-25911898)

Dongpo Meat - HK$55 (US$7)
Plain Bread - HK$20(US$2.6)

Hong Kong Chinese Food - Dongpo Meat


welles said...

東坡肉 is 我的至愛!!!!! Great Hong Kong Food blogging!

kz said...

Hello. For how many people usually is this? ^^

Anna said...

Well, there are 4 big pieces. So I would say good for two people, but four will be fine if you don't want to take on too much meat.