Friday, April 25, 2008

My Combined Shanghai/Sichuan Dinner

Dinner date: April 25, 2008
Occasion: Casual dinner
Number of People: One
Cost: HK$105 (US$13.5), including 10% service charge
Restaurant name: Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao 翡翠拉面小笼包
Restaurant address: 3/F Tai Yau Arcade, 181 Johnston Road, Hong Kong (has other branches)Restaurant telephone: 852-2573-8844
Anna's comment: This restaurant serves a combined menu of Beijing, Shanghai and Sichuan food.

Shanghainese Beancurd Jelly Noodle Soup 油豆付粉絲湯
This is a signature Shanghainese dish.
Ingredients include soft beancurd, jelly noodle, sliced mushroom and pork,
dry shrimps and vegetables
Sichuan Fried Rice 四川炒飯
Hong Kong Chinese Food - Shanghai/ Sichuan

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Anonymous said...

Hello! Thanks for posting these wonderful, delicious entries! I long to visit HK now.