Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Seafood Farewell Dinner - 鯉躍龍門宴

Dinner date: January 28, 2008
Occasion: Farewell Dinner for my nephew who’s going to continue his studies in the Netherlands

Number of People: Seven
Cost: HK$2,100 (US$269), no service charge

Restaurant name: Mui Kee Restaurant
Restaurant address: Li Yue Mun, Kowloon East
Anna's comment: Tonight, the oysters, flat prawns and the garoupa are exceptionally good. We are all very happy.
Price is far lower than eating in the city, and seafood are fresh and very yummy.

Steamed Fresh Prawns 白灼生蝦
Deep Fried Osyters 酥炸生蠔
Flat Prawns with Garlic & Pepper 椒鹽賴尿蝦
Baby Abalone 鮑魚仔
Stir Fried Crabs with Ginger & Spring Onion 薑蔥炒蟹
Steamed Scallop with Garlic & Jelly Noodle 蒸扇貝 Steamed Garoupa 蒸海石班
No photo taken: soup, vegetable & pumkin dessert
Ben (middle) is departing on Wed (Jan 30, 2008)
Picking live seafood is fun

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Cn said...

Dear Anna,

I would like to ask for your permission to use your photo in terms of the local HongKong food ones.

The photos would not be used for any commercial use and would only be used for my Eportfolio in the AiDA Exam Course. It would be much appreciated if this is possible. If not, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Anna said...


Are you going to use my photos online or on paper. And how many do you want to use?