Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cantonese Pot Rice 煲仔飯

Cantonese pot rice is a very popular Chinese cuisine in Hong Kong, especially during autumn and winter seasons. Even sometimes I do it at home. It is very easy to do. Get ready a handful of ingredients that I like. Put them altogether into the cooking pot when rice is 80% cooked. When rice is cooked, I just turn off heat and keep rice in the pot for about 10 minutes before dishing up.

When you order this dish from a restaurant, it is usually served directly with the cooking utensil, ie. the clay pot. I don't have a clay pot at home, so I use my Amway stainless steel pot but the effect is equally good. Even my neighbour can smell its fragrance. In winter, adults and children like pot rice very much.

Most popular pot rice dishes include:

  • chicken and mushroom
  • preserved Chinese sausages and assorted preserved meat
  • minced beef with egg
Use your own imagination and make pot rice of your style.
Anna's home made pot rice -
with Chinese preserved sausages, mushroom & dry shrimps

Hong Kong Food Blog - Home Made Cantonese Pot Rice
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Monia said...

Hi Anna,
I'm Monia from Italy and I'm a Blogger as you are.
Sorry for my English, but I do my best to write as clear as possible!
Your Blog is absolutely interesting and full of yummy recipes, so I take a look time to time to try some of your dishes.
I'd like to send you the address of my Blog: I write it in Italian, but you can click here to read the translated version of it:

I hope to see some of your comments there, and I'll do the same when I'll try some of your fantastic recipes!
I'd like to translate some of them for my Blog: can I do it (with the name of your blog written!)?
Let me know!

Hugs from Italy, Monia.

Anna said...

Hi Monia
I am happy that you like my blog. You are welcomed to translate it. I am proud that my Chinese food photos appear on an Italian website. And I love Italian food as well. Let's work hard and get our blogs even better.