Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tuen Mun Seafood Dinner

I have decided to go on a 3D2N local tour to Tin Shui Wai / Tuen Mun which is at the northern part of New Territory.  As I live in Wanchai, it takes 1-2 hours to the destination, so I consider this as a local trip.  I stayed at the Harbour Plaza Resort at Tin Shui Wai.  The room is very spacious - 409 sq ft. with very good open view. The cost is only HK$720+10% per night including breakfast, which is actually a very good deal.

After checking in to the hotel, we went on a visit to the T Park at Nim Wan Road, Tuen Mun. It is a sustainable sludge incineration plant featuring spa pools, extensive gardens & a wildlife habitat. A HK$53 billion environmental construction which went into work in 2016.

After the visit, a friend of mine who lives in Yuen Long took us to Tuen Mun for a seafood dinner. There are many spots in Hong Kong famous for seafood, Tuen Mun is one of them. The place we went was called Sam Shing where there are many seafood sellers and restaurants.  We bought the seafoods and then took them to the restaurant which charged cooking fee only. 

Clams with Udon in White Wine Sauce
Very fresh clams!

Baked Lobsters
Signature cooking method of the restaurant. Seafood restaurants in town usually do steaming, baking is relatively rare. It was coated with a layer of smashed potato and baked to golden colour. Very delicious. Forks and Knives were provided.

Mantis Shrimps
Mantis Shrimps stir fried with garlic.  A very traditional cooking method and yet very well done and yummy.  Very fresh with lots of meat.  Scissors were provided.

Steamed Prawns
This was my pick and my favourite way of eating shrimps and prawns. A typical way of Cantonese shrimp eating. Simple cooking but very delicious. However we must have to use our fingers. The restaurant provided us with wet tissues and we can easily clean our hands after eating.

Abalone Hot Pot with Ginger and Green Onion
Abalone in hot pot is quite a special way of cooking. Also a signature cooking method of the restaurant. These were fresh abalones which are less expensive than the dry ones. We like this dish very much! This is something I don't understand. Fresh things are usually more expensive than their dry versions, but abalone is the other way round.

Steamed Scallops with Jelly Noodle
Another traditional way of Cantonese seafood cooking. Very simple cooking, just steamed the scallops with garlic and jelly noodle. The tastes all matched very well.

Stir Fried Vegetable with Garlic
As a matter of balance diet, a dish of vegetable is a must. Again we've picked the simplest cooking method - stir fried with garlic.

The Seafood Party

We also had seafood soup and pork chop.

Thai Seafood
Take West Rail to Tuen Mun, then change to Light Rail #505 (or taxi) to Sam Shing. Buy the seafoods you like and tell the restaurant to cook them the way you want. The fee varies according to the cooking method.  Restaurants also provide set menu and some other non seafood choices.

Total cost: slightly under HK$2,000 (~US$260) (including food and cooking). My friend's treat, so I don't know the actual cost.

Hong Kong Food Blog - Tuen Mun Seafood Dinner

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