Monday, April 2, 2018

Beijing House in Wanchai

The Beijing House recently opened a new restaurant in Hopewell Centre which is nearby my home, so I decided to go and try. Unexpected, the food came abnormally fast. All 6 dishes arrived within 5 minutes after we placed the order. 

The Beijing House claimed to be very authentic and all ingredients and chefs are from Beijing. Indeed, the food taste were all good, although the food temperature were relatively warm, rather than hot.  

Black Fungus 涼伴黑木耳

Black fungus is a healthy starter. It is not only unique to Beijing food, it is available in Shanghai, Sichuan and most of the northern cuisine restaurants.  You may notice there is a fish tang under the table, and we could see fishes swimming.

Stir Fried Daoxiao Noodles 刀削面
Daoxiao Noodles is a local characteristic traditional pasta of Datong City in Shanxi Province. It is one of the “Top Ten Chinese Noodles” popular in northern China. The operation process: the flour and lumps, the left hand to lift the dough, the right hand to take the arc knife, the surface one by one to cut into the boiling water pot. If you eat this in Shanxi, you may even see the chef's live demonstration. A very interesting process.

Stir Fried Shrimps 清炒蝦仁
Beijing has no coastline, so we believe these are river water shrimps. In fact, the simplest cooking method requires the highest cooking skill and the freshest ingredients. This is a live example of such. Very well done!

Stir Fried Lettuce 清炒萵筍
If I would have to translate the Chinese name directly, I would say it is some kind of bamboo shoot. But the menu says lettuce.  I believe this is some kind of vegetable available in north China only. As in Hong Kong we seldom could find this in the market.  Again, simple cooking method, fresh ingredient and high cooking skill.  Simply stir fried and dished up with transparent gravy.  Some restaurants like to cut it into thin and long slices, but the Beijing Home cut it into small lumps - another feeling in the mouth, which is good!

Beijing Duck 北京填鴨
Beijing Duck is the signature dish. We can order one at HK$400 or half at HK$210. We wanted to try more dishes, so we ordered for half. Although it came in 5 minutes only, the breads were hot and fresh from the steamer. Since we ordered for half, we lack the fun of having the chef do the duck cutting demonstration in front of us.

Beijing Dumplings白菜餃子
(Did not take photo)
It was just lumps of white, hence did not take photo. There were 8 of them, so each of us can share 2.

The Beijing Home decoration has quite an old Beijing feel.

The general dining experience here is fair to good. Generally fast is better than slow. But when all 6 dishes arrive within 5 minutes, our table seemed too small to accomodate them and that encouraged us to eat fast in order to get rid of some of the empty dishes. I would say if the dishes arrived within longer intervals, we would have more time to enjoy the taste of the foods.

The food menu has many items but some of the names you won't know what they are, even with the English description.  Desserts are not quite traditional. They have caramelized bananas/apples....a long list of caramelized items but lack of some of the most traditional Beijing dessert such as rolling donkey or 碗豆黄.

Beijing Home
7/F Hopewell Centre
Wanchai, Hong Kong

Total cost: HK$820 (US$105) for 4 people (including tea and 10% service charge)

In fact, there was a set menu for 4 costing HK$1,028 but we preferred to go a la carte so we can eat the right amount and choice of food that we want. And it ended up cheaper as well!

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