Thursday, December 1, 2016

Surf and Turf - Cantonese Style

Hong Kong is getting cool and one of our favourite foods in this weather is mutton hot pot. In fact one mutton hot pot for two persons is quite enough, but we just want a little something more.  The restaurant sells seafood as well.  So we decided to create a surf and turf in Cantonese style.

Mutton Hot Pot - HK$298
Mutton Hot Pot served over real fire.  We had to pre-order when booking the table, or they are easily sold out.  It is quite expensive.  The cost of a mutton hot pot is generally decided by 3 factors: taste, meat quality and service.  The cheaper ones usually won't serve with lettuce.  But ours was an expensive one, so lettuce was included in the price. Our hot pot was very delicious, but controlling the fire made us a little busy.  Even so we were happy because the waiters were very helpful whenever we raised our hands.

Fresh Lettuce - cooked in mutton soup. Woooo, you can't imagine such a beautiful combination, in terms of taste and balance of diet.  Very nice!

Tiger Prawn HK$68@
This is the seafood part of our Cantonese Surf and Turf.  Pan fried with soy sauce.  

Wu Dong in Mutton Soup HK$48
Recommended by the chef.  Because the mutton soup was so yummy, we tried not to waste the surplus and ordered some handmade wu dong noodle.  So silky smooth and delicious.  What a nice recommendation!

We had free dessert to wrap up the dinner. Another bonus!

HK$570 (US$75.5) for two persons
inclusive of tea and 10% service charge

Hong Kong Food Blog - Mutton Hot Pot

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