Sunday, November 22, 2015

Nice Cantonese Dinner in Wanchai

My company pays a quarterly free dinner for secretaries.  We vote and pick our favourite restaurants every time.  This time someone nominated Sing Kee Seafood Restaurant in Wanchai.  Although I live around that area, it was my first time eating there.  Indeed I found a gem around the bar area in Wanchai.  The food was really nice and reasonably priced.

The first three items (soup, chicken and lotus cake) had to be pre-ordered.  What is special about the menu here is that you can find some very home styled dishes, such as minced tofu with fish 老少平安. Apart from this, the taste is really home taste which I really like.

The soup with pig's lung, almond juice, fish maw - milky white, was very rich and delicious. The soup content was served in a separate dish and the size was like a small mountain.  We can pick our favourite ingredients after enjoying the soup.

杏汁豬肺湯 (HK$780)

Steamed Chicken with Cordyceps Flower and Lotus Leaf
蟲草花荷葉蒸雞 (HK$380)

This steamed chicken is presented nicely with great fragrant, although a bit oily.

Pan Fried Lotus Cake
藕饼 HK$132/12件

The lotus cake was ordered to 1 per person.  Few restaurants nowadays serves this dish.  It's actually kind of old-fashion Hong Kong style family dish.  I remember my mum made this at home when we were young.  The way they made it was quite chewy, nice!

Stir Fired Prawns with Soy Sauce 豉油皇大蝦

Going to a seafood restaurant, we must have to pick some seafood.  A whole swimming fish would be too expensive, although our company pays.  So we  picked some fresh prawns and had them pan fried with soy sauce.  Again, very yummy!

Deep Fried Salt and Pepper Kau Fish 椒鹽九肚魚

These two deep fried dishes were claimed to be signature dishes.  Our preference was the kau fish, but when the waiter repeated our order, he kept saying Squid (because too many people order for that), so we decided to take a regular size for a try. 

Deep Fried Salt and Pepper Squid (standard size) 椒鹽鮮魷

Since we have 12 people, so the dishes were ordered in double size (double in money of course).  But we found that the standard size was not small at all, and we were happy with it.

Tofu with Mushrooms 雜菌豆付

As I said, this is a very home-style dish, looks normal but tastes wonderful, and healthy as well.  They made the tofu to the size of a French toast, get a hole in the middle, deep fried and inserted some mushroom.  Simple but well done!

Kale in High Soup 上湯芥蘭

This is the best way to add some fiber to our dinner.  So we had a good balance between meat, seafood and vegetable.  All dishes were super delicious!

Sing Kee Seafood Restaurant 星記海鮮酒家
21-25 Luard Road
(Serves dinner only)
Total: HK$3, 076 for 12 people
(including tea and 10% service charge)

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