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Universal Seafood Dinner

This 8-course seafood dinner is very attractive in terms of food and price. Only HK$288 (US$36.9) per person.  It's very delicate, well present and of course very yummy.  Now let see how universal it is.

Chilled South Africa Abalone 
Cantonese believe the best way to eat abalone is to eat it as a whole.  6-head is kind of size reference.  I think it means 6 abalones per catty.  Rarely people eat it chilled, but this one is very well done, al dente and delicious.

Italian Balsamic Jellyfish
Jellyfish served with black fungi and cucumber, good combination.  Very fresh and the taste of Italian balsamic tastes just right.

Japanese Honey Roast Pork
A typical Cantonese delicacy combined with Japanese honey, very tender and juicy roast pork.  It's always my favourite.

Steamed New Zealand Razor Clams
I love razor clams, but not sure of its origin.  New Zealand is famous of clear water and high hygiene demand, so I'm eating with extra confidence.  There are many ways of cooking razor clams, but this is the one I like most.  Steam with garlic puree, jelly noodle and soy sauce, perfect combination.

Sabah Grouper Steak
I was thinking most groupers in Hong Kong came from Australia.  But giant groupers are also imported from Sabah.  As giant groupers are so large, no one can afford to eat the whole fish.  Therefore fish steak is a good option.  The chef chose to steam it on top of silky smooth egg custard with very fragrant Chinese wine Hua Diao.  Very creative recipe, well done!

Deep Fried Canadian Lobster

Each one of us have half a lobster. I'm not a professional eater, so I cannot tell the difference between Australian lobsters and Canadian lobsters.  Restaurants in Hong Kong even define South Australian or West Australian lobsters as they cost and taste differently.  Anyway, this Canadian lobster is cooked in quite an unusual way - deep fried.  Together with the herbal gravy, very innovative.  What I don't like about eating lobster is making my fingers messy.  Luckily restaurant provided some hot tea with lemon for us to clean our hands.

Green Vege in White Congee

Vegetable in stock is quick popular in Cantonese cuisine, but spinach with congee (liquid only) is something new to me.  Again, I like it.  Good taste and creative.

Papaya Pudding

Most of the dishes in this menu are quite innovative and creative, including these two desserts.  Papaya jelly on top of pudding, my first time, very nice.

Lou Han Guo with Lotus Soup

Lou Han Guo with lotus is absolute new.  I don't know when people invented this but it has been growing in popularity.  As lou han guo has natural sweetness, no sugar is needed.  Even people suffering from diabetes can eat it.  What I don't like is the colour.  It doesn't look good, although tastes good.

This universal seafood dinner set is served in somewhat western style.  Each course is served in per person size, except the vegetable and desserts. Waiters were friendly and efficient.  Restaurant manager told us that they were selling at cost making very very thin margin.  Well that's true, there is no way to eat that many different kinds of seafood with that kind of money. 

8-Course Universal Seafood Set
HK$288 per person (minimum two persons)
Tea and pickles: HK$15 per person
Service charge: 10%
Bill total:  HK$664 (US$85.1)
Advance booking is required.  

Kam Dou Kee Seafood Restaurant
3 Wanchai Road, Hong Kong
Tel: 3907-0878

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