Monday, May 12, 2014

Classic Hong Kong Cantonese Noodle Snacks

If you've been in Hong Kong long enough, you may have come across many local Cantonese saying 'let's go do a bowl of wanton noodle'.  In fact, noodle is a very important part of Hong Kong Cantonese cuisine.  You can eat it as an afternoon treat or as a casual light meal.

There are many combinations.  Tonight I've opt for a Beef Tendon noodle.  This is quite a bit of a rare choice.  Why?  Chinese believe in 'eat something similar for the best of human benefit'.  Let me make it easier to understand.  If you want to eat something to benefit your brain, eat walnut; if you want to eat something good for your feet, eat chicken legs., etc.  OK?  So now you can guess why I choose beef tendon tonight.  Because I'm suffering from leg problem.

Cooking of tendon of any kind is very complicated at home.  But getting them from any noodle shop is extremely easy and cheap.  So here is my beef tendon noodle, only HK$30 (+$1 for take away).

Beef Tendon Noodle 牛筋面
My noodle looks a little pale, because I've asked to omit the green onions.  It will take hours of time and effort if I have to cook it at home.  Buying from a noodle shop is a short cut.  And it is extremely easy to find noodle shops in the city of Hong Kong.

Below I've collected some photos from the internet to give you an idea of the three most popular noodles in Hong Kong.  In fact there are many variations.  You can choose the noodle base to go with different meat toppings.

Wanton Noodle 雲吞面

Fish Ball Noodle 魚蛋面

Beef Belly Flat Noodle 牛腩河

The cost of a bowl of noodle varies, depending on the class and location of the shop.  Generally it costs from HK$25+.  The one I have tonight is HK$30 and I have to pay $1 extra for take-away.  In fact different shops have different philosophy.  Some charge less for take-away.

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