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Sichuan Holiday Special Lunch Set

The commercial areas in Wanchai had very little people over holidays, because people simply don't need to go to work.  Hence the restaurants in that area are offering holiday specials to attract the neighborhood residents.  Here's one that drew my attention.  

Sichuan Paradise had unanimous great reviews over the internet, namely good environment, good services, good food and good value of money.  Rarely I see a restaurant with that kind of rating.  So I've decided to give it a try over the Easter Holiday.  Indeed, this restaurant is wonderful and I must agree with all the positive reviews from the internet.

6-Course Lunch Set for Two - HK$138

The restaurant is situated on the 3rd floor of a commercial building. It was a Sunday, so we had no difficulties accessing a lift.  Undoubtedly it's interior design really offers a very comfortable eating environment.   And the waiters are friendly. We simply couldn't resist the special offer of HK$138 for two people. While we ate, we even doubt if HK$138 is really for two persons or one. 

In fact, they didn't shrink the dish size to compromise the price.  The prices are special but the dish sizes are regular.  Here's what we got.

Marinated Black Fungus 涼拌小木耳

A very healthy cold cut starter.  Black and white fungus with sliced cucumber and sesame.

Deep Fried Chicken with Dried Chilli 霸王辣子雞
This is really authentic Sichuan taste.  It made us cry.  If you love chilli food, here is really a paradise.

Dan Dan Noodle 擔擔面
Each one of us had a bowl of Dan Dan noodle which was served in three degrees of spicy.   I love spicy food but don't want to put on too much heat, so I opted for the minimal level.  

Pan Fried Dumplings 生煎鍋貼
These dumplings are very juicy and delicious.  I spilled some of juice so I took extra care in eating the second one.  It happened again, because it was so juicy.

Sliced Pork in Garlic and Chilli Sauce 蒜泥白肉
One more cold cut dish.  May be I can say this is the Chinese style bacon.  The very thin slices of pork and cucumber with garlic and chilli sauce, very delicious and healthy combination.

Red Bean Syrup 紅豆沙
Quite a common dessert, but well done.  Great to wrap up our meal.

Very spacious booth
No wonder everyone say that this restaurant offers comfortable eating environment.  And there are reasonable space between tables.  Good setting!

Pickles: Free
Pickles are generally charged at HK$10 per dish.  But we got them free as we were on holiday special.

Lunch Set for Two: HK$138
Tea cost: HK$12 per person
Service charge: 10%
Total:  HK$178 (US$22.8)

Other holiday specials
Lunch set for Two: HK$128
Hot Pot set for Two: HK$168/288
Some half-price hot picks.  

I think I must come again to try the hot pot set - 9-course for HK$168 is not bad at all for two persons.

Sichuan Paradise 天府人家
3/F One Capital Place
18 Luard Road, Wanchai
Hong Kong
Tel:  2205-0020

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