Thursday, January 5, 2012

Snake Soup

In cold winter days, there are some foods exceptional popular among Hong Kong Cantonese. Sticky rice is one, snake soup is another. And these two seems to be perfect partners, as people usually eat them together. The other day my sister treated me with home made sticky rice with preserved meats (lap cheung). I've therefore decided to treat everyone with snake soup.

Snake soup shops in Hong Kong are usually small and full of people, so I have decided to go take away. For environmental reason, I brought my own container and the shop owner gave me bonus - all the four bowls were almost overflowing.
After our majhong games, we had to reheat the snake soup. The shop owner gave us some lemon grass and chips to add to the soup. The chips is a usual snake soup companion. As for the lemon grass, some shops serve chrysanthemum petals instead. You'll notice some other ingredients in the soup such as sliced pork, black fungi - wow yummy and keep us warm!

If you were to name some horrible foods that Chinese eat, would you include snake?

Snake Soup take away - HK$34 per bowl

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Joel Chong said...

Hmmm... snake soup.. interesting. We have this too but it is not something that is widely consumed. It is considered to be largely exotic with its own group of customers mainly the older generation. The younger generation would never want to try something like this; even the terrapin soup is considered 'exotic'.

What I see in your picture is not something I wouldn't want to try. It looks palatable. I am sure I will try that the next time I visit HK. Thanks for sharing.

dermutanderer said...

I tried snake soup 4 years ago in HK and it was delicious!

Anonymous said...

I went to a place on Hillier St in Sheung Wan with my HK buddy last month. The soup was good and we also ordered the gall bladder with the snake wine. Not cheap, but I had to try it once.