Sunday, February 27, 2011

Green Risotto - Hong Kong Style

Meals of more vegetables and less meat are highly recommended nowadays. If you’ve been following my blog, you may know that I’m a health conscious individual who eats generally one meal a day. Green Risotto is how I blend in lots of vegetable and little meat into a very delicious dish. Let me share with you my Hong Kong Chinese style Green Risotto.

If you have the experience cooking risotto, I won’t repeat here. Unlike traditional Italian risotto, I used water instead of stock. I then chopped some green vegetables and Chinese Kam Wah Ham. Kam Wah Ham is a famous produce from Yunnan, China and is widely available in Hong Kong. You may use any other ham or bacon as you wish. As Kam Wah Ham is very rich in taste, I don’t have to use any other seasoning at all.

When you add the last round of water to the risotto, add the chopped ham and keep stirring. When the risotto is cooked, cover for 3 minutes before serving. Now, make use of these 3 minutes, get ready a hot saucepan and heat a little bit of EVO. Stir fry the sliced green vegetables. No need to add salt as the risotto is going to be very tasteful with the Kam Wah Ham. Add the green vegetables to the risotto, mix well and dish up.

Green Risotto

Chopped Vegetables

Chopped Kam Wah Ham

Message from Anna

Warning: Do NOT Use These Cooking Oils

Hong Kong Food Blog - Green Risotto


Andrew said...

Hi Anna,

Great blog, with lots of recipes for what appear to be very tasty dishes. I've featured your blog in a USC Annenberg China Media Handbook at:

Some USC PR and journalism graduate students will be in Hong Kong this summer (myself included), and I look forward to tasting lots of delicious Hong Kong foods.


Kuei-Ti Lu said...

It is good to see you made some change to the Italian risotto. Did you keep some rice raw or make it fully cooked?

Anna said...

I love fully cooked rice. Raw rice isn't a Chinese tradition?!