Sunday, March 28, 2010

Old Fashion Hong Kong Dish - Pomelo Peel

This dish reminds me of my childhood. My mother used to do it at home when we were kids. It is not a dish with expensive ingredients, however needs skills and time to prepare it. Indeed, for many years, Hong Kong restaurants do not produce pomelo peel dishes. I found it on the menu last night when I had dinner. The chef combined it with mushroom and broccoli together with a shrimp roe gravy. Quite a healthy dish. For vegetarians, you can just ask to omit the shrimp roe.

Pomelo Peel with Shrimp Roe Gravy
HK$58 (US$7.4) 蝦子柚皮
香港懷舊菜 - 蝦子柚皮
You may not believe that pomelo peels are eatable.
Indeed, they are.
It is fun to make use of the left overs to make a dish.
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jocelyn said...

what does it taste like? is it bitter like orange peel?

Anna said...

I thought it is originally bitter. But tastes good after we soak it, remove the unpleasant smell and cook with a delicious gravy.

Martin said...

which restaurant was this at?
you can't get this at many places now!

Joel Chong said...

Anna, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog especially at lunch time. I know that this is a bad habit but I like reading your blog while I have my lunch in the office - sort of an appetizer to go along with my main meal.

Anyway, as I go through some of your previous writeups, I come across this very lovely and memorable dish made of pomelo peel. This dish reminds me of my grandma. She used to make this dish when I was a kid. She would put the peel out to dry in the sun for a few days before cooking them. I can still remember the taste of it.
And to those who have not tried this dish - yes, pomelo peel is edible and yummy, it is super delicious!

Anna said...

Thanks for the comment. Apart from writing a food blog, I like reviewing my food photos, to recall some of the sweet memories I had with my family and friends. My mum used to make pomelo peels for us, but now we just lost track of how to make it.