Thursday, October 8, 2009

Unconventional Hong Kong Dessert - Crystal Jelly

I come across this new dessert recently and found it worth recommending. First I had it at Ashima Yunan Restaurant, and next at Tanyoto SiChuan Restaurant. But I never had such dessert when I was in Yunan or Sichuan. Thought it must be an invention of Hong Kong chefs. Anyway it is silky smooth and crystal clear. Its appearance and taste are really lovely. Secret is the soup base. Both restaurants used Cassia flower syrup which made it extremely fragrant. Try it out next time you find it on a menu.

Crystal Jelly - Cassia Flower Flavour 桂花水晶粉
Special price at Tanyoto: HK$9 (US$1.15)
Hong Kong Chinese Food - Crystal Jelly Dessert

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Celina said...

Jelly desserts are delicious. Very refreshing. Very interesting to know all newly unconventional food Hongkong are producing lately too, even the ice cream mooncake ?! Something to remember to taste whenever in Hongkong again.