Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hong Kong Buffet Lunch - Metropark Hotel

Though I don't eat much, but I love buffet. I pick Metropark Hotel to do my lunch buffet today because it has my favourite desserts. I always think that their chef is from Macau. So far this is the only hotel buffet which I find professional Macau desserts and I do love them. Let's have a quick preview of my buffet lunch today. All these are my favourite dishes, in addition to roast beef, spaghetti, sashimi and soba.

Wide Range of Desserts
Serradura and Steamed Egg Custard 木糠布甸
Steamed Milk Custard - very yummy 雙皮奶
Onion Soup and French Toasts are best partners
洋蔥湯/法式多士 The onion soup tastes good, except too oily

I love deep fried fish fillets 炸魚柳
Roast Ribs with Soft Bones 焗豬軟骨
Stewed Boneless Chicken 雞件
Pan Fried Chinese Pancake 蛋餅
Assorted Vegetables 雜菜
Adult: HK$99 + 10% service charge
41 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2861 1166
Discounts will be offered for online booking

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noodleboy said...

I love your site! All the food looks delicous!!! I'll be in Hong Kong in a few months to eat my way around. I can't wait!

Where is your favourite dim sum place??

Anna said...

Most of my favourite dim sum places are on Hong Kong island. Where are you staying? May be I can suggest restaurants nearby.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anna,

I came across your food blog in Hkg and it's awesome!

This is my first time to Hkg. I'll be travelling alone from MAcau going to HKG next month and im looking for cheap hawker's food that taste good and everything in Hkg including the transportation and night markerts.

Kindly pls reply to me on

Anna said...

Hi Aileen

Any thing I can help? Can you post your question here, so other readers can share our thoughts.

Karachi Hotel said...

All dishes is very delicious.I like the rib roast with soft bones.The buffet system is nice way for eating.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anna,

Thank you so much for ur time in sharing.:) I'm travelling to HK and most likely staying at EMpire hotel causeway bay.

Would like to find out any recommendations on food? It can range from dim sum, to seafood or just normal cha can tang.
The last few rounds we have explored kowloon and would like to try HK island now. :)