Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dim Sum Sunday Special

Typical Hong Kong Cantonese life style is to enjoy dim sum lunch on weekends. We love to have the whole table full of dim dum. See below.

On regular days, dim sums are graded into small, medium, large and superior etc., and of course the prices go up accordingly.

But on Sunday, some of the items are on special price. Today, the restaurant I go usually charge HK$16 for small, HK$20 for medium and so on... However, below are the special price items I ordered. You must find these prices very attractive. And I must tell you, these are very delicious food that you must try if you visit Hong Kong.

We love to have dim sums all over the table
Quadruplet Roll 四寶札
Chicken, mushroom, fish maw and crab fillet
all roll up together - HK$12.8 (US$1.64)
Dace Fish Ball 鯪魚球
HK$10 (US$1.28)
Pork Dumpling 燒買
HK$12.8 (US$1.64)
Salt Fish & Pork Rice 咸魚肉片飯
HK$12.8 (US$1.64)
Green Bean Syrup 綠豆沙
HK$8 (US$1)
Banyan Garden - 1/F Wesley Hotel, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Chinese Food - Dim Sum


gill gill said...

Hi, i just wonder which authentic and oldschool dim sum that you (a local) would recommend to me? Very happy that will Visit HK soon on this Nov. could you kindly email to me at Thanks alot

Anonymous said...

Hi, I read another blog about Hong Kong Dimsum, and it mentioned that all dim sum restaurants usually have 50% off the price at 2.30-5pm.
Is this right?

Anna said...

Not all, but many. Also it is not 50% off, but with some very special deals. Hong Kong dim sum restaurants charge differently at different time of a day, and on different days of a week. Best is to check their pricelist which is usually available on your table. As far as I know, the peak hour everyday ie 12.30pm-2pm are the period without any special offer. said...

Great blog we love dim sum! I haven't been back to Hong Kong in a while I need to take a trip back soon to enjoy some great dim sum!

LifeWired said...

i would be going to hongkong this coming weekend and was wondering where would be a good place for great dimsum with my friends. could you recommend me some good places? As for the 50% discount are they available for these places.. thanks alot.

Anna said...

The place where I took these photos is very nice. On any day if you pay your bill before noon, you will have all big/mid/small dim sums 50% discount. Of course other items on the menu are not subject to the discount. However there may be some other dim sums on special offer. If you want to eat a lot and pay little, always go early or late, avoid peak hour i.e. noon to 2pm.